Not receiving housesit updates anymore?

Hi @prholst welcome back it’s SO good to see you back on the forum, where are you ATM? … Use the Direct Message option and we can have a real catch up … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Therese, I had assumed that saved searches were saved searches on both the app and the website. I may have set up a search on the website and another different one on the app. Does this mean that my alerts & notifications are different? Do I need to set up a search on both in order to maximise notification?

Yes, all your searches show on both the App and Website, regardless where you have set them up. Those set up on the website will create a daily email (providing there are new listings for that particular search), and on the App, you will receive instant notifications.
I usually put a little (app) behind my app saved search, so I know which ones I created on my App. If you do bigger saved searches like AnyWhere, UK, US or Aussie, I would suggest you do that on the Website, otherwise your phone notifications may never stop!

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Thanks Therese, I get the daily email, recently with just 1 or 2 sits but I can’t remember when I last received an alert through the app. Nor have I had any notifications of any of my favourites - after the holidays I will check to see if any of my favourites have new ads

Hi @ELNF Please let me know, and make sure you have push notifications enabled on your phone.

@Therese-Moderator I checked last night and there was one of my favourites with available dates. I did not receive notification of it. Yes, push notifications are enabled

@ELNF I will need to check this with our tech team next week.

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@Therese-Moderator Thank you