Notification Prefs in this App Reset Automatically

Hi THS community.

I’m having an issue with resetting my notification preferences. Is anyone else having this problem when using the forum app on your phone (Mine’s an Android)?

I’ve reset my Preferences for Notifications a few times (and ensured I Saved my changes), but when I open the app again later, my settings are back to the defaults.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Welcome :wave:

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Hi @OnTheGlobalRoad apologies that you are having tech issues I will tag product @Ben-Product and Membership Services @Katie-MembershipServices who will look at this when they are back online Friday …


Thanks @Angela-CommunityManager .

Hi @Ben-Product and @Katie-MembershipServices. Have either of you had a chance to look into this?


@OnTheGlobalRoad are you referring to the App notifications centre where you can toggle them on and off?

Please message the membership services team so we can go through the steps to find out what is wrong.

Thanks, Ben

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I’m having problems with the app too :cry: no notification sounds now the app has stopped working

@Ben-Product @Katie-MembershipServices

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Hi @Crazydoglady please message the Membership Services Team so that they can check this.

Thank you,


Thanks Angela
It has been rectified today

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