Our first Voluntary Moderator - Welcome to the team @Snowbird!

Thank you for being my go to when I joined, sensible answers and useful tips.
I’m still hoping I can get you to sit for me at some point. I’ll make sure I include all the relevant photos and information on my guide :wink:


@snowbird, I have only just seen this announcement that you are stepping down as voluntary moderator or I would have responded sooner. Your leaving is a loss for the forum, and I will miss your contributions.

When you first assumed the position, I remarked to @Angela-HeadOfCommunity that I thought you were fabulous. Your insights, advice, tact and polished writing style were perfect for the job.

This is to thank you for the work you did and the help you gave to me and others. I will continue to look for your postings on the forum and wish you many blessings in the future.


Yet another post from me. :blush: I often say that it’s a little sad that so many wonderful things are said about a person after they have left this world. I try to keep that in mind and tell others how I feel about them, and how I appreciate them. I therefore want to share with you how much I appreciate everyone’s kind and thoughtful comments, both this week and throughout the time I’ve been on the forum. My thanks to you all, as I really do appreciate them. :blush:


Go and be free now to follow your own highest excitement!