Owners without reviews from previous sitters - a concern?

You should know that negative reviews are often removed.

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@Myhnabird Trustpilot tried and I asked them to show cause as it was factual and balanced. They then reviewed it. Found it was fine and left it up. I check regularly.

Hi @Andrew I’ve reported it more than once to both THS and Trust Pilot. Nothing has changed. Five star personal reviews are still ending up on Trust Pilot meaning the sitter or owners are missing it from their profile, personal info is visible on a site other than for what it was intended for, finally, the 5* reviews on Trust Pilot are, I presume, being awarded inadvertently to THS ‘s rating.
I did try to do my bit, but……


Glad to hear this - I’d read more than a few comments complaining about their comment being removed. I guess they didn’t argue their case with Trustpilot…


I have raised this issue many times and nothing will change as it keeps the THS rating high on Trust Pilot.


Part of the problem is in the set-up of the site. Their system isn’t like Apple, where everything coordinates in an intuitive fashion. There have been times where I’ve left reviews then have to hunt down where they are to get them to show up on the homeowner’s or sitter’s site. I’ve learned that often if a HO doesn’t show reviews, something else may be going on. It’s time consuming but eventually I can sometimes find the reviews another way. TH definitely has work to do to have a seamless review site. That plus updating it so that petsitters can also review for cleanliness, space, accurate pet description, etc.

Hey hey
Being only 11 degrees outside where I am…I am inside playing with the THS platforms try learn the “who didn’t leave a review”…hmmmm and why not.

On the app…one HO listing had 4 feedbacks with one sitter not completing a feedback but with dates showing for a sit.

On the website the same HO had “3 reviews” but knowledge of a 4th sitter and that the 4th sitter did not leave a review does not show

Is this a common discreoancy between platforms?

Hi @HelloOutThere - There are many things that can be done on the App that can not be done on the website and visa versa.

Here is some bedtime reading for you :wink:


Yes that is one of the more important descrepancies.
E.g if you look on the website at a listing and see no previous sitter feedback it could mean they are first time hosts. If you check that same host on the app and see (for example) there were actually 3 previous sitters none of whom gave feedback- big red flag!!
The no feedback sitters only show up on the app so you really need to check both when researching a sit. You can also then click on each sitter and check what kind of review, if any, the host gave the sitter.
I saw a great looking sit the other day- on the website it showed no previous sitters- ‘aha newbies’ I thought! I then checked on the app- 5 previous sitters- no feedback & no host reviews either!!
Time to scroll on!!!


As a sitter I have had the same thing, some people just either don’t feel comfortable so don’t, from both sides HO and Sitter it’s discouraging as there are some gaps in my profile where it was during Covid the sits were cancelled because everyone stayed home and a few were HO who forgot to remove the listing, we were on other sits, I am trusting all our other reviews are enough, however I understand.

I’ve had some great sits with owners who are new to the platform. I’ve been able to “hold their hand” and show them how it’s done…from my point of view, anyway. :smile:

It could also mean the sitter messed up so badly that they didn’t leave a review on the HO because 1. the HO didn’t leave them a review either, and they were afraid of retaliation (this appears to be a common fear on this site). 2. They were so embarrassed by their mistake that they decided not to leave a review.

For months I was on the fence about leaving a review for the sitter, but after reading all the comments here and also seeing people who have saved me as their favorite with less than five stars and honest feedback from other HO I decided to write a review. It takes courage because of 1 or because we’re programmed to keep peace and we’re afraid of what may transpire or that we may look like jerks.


No reviews and I move on. That is the sitters code for “not a good sit”. It’s subtle and as fair as we can be without receiving backlash reviews.


If it’s just one or two sitters in between who didn’t leave reviews, it might not mean anything. Some people don’t know how to leave reviews. If you click on the sitter’s profile and they have left reviews for other sits but not this one, there might be something off about this sit!

I’m a sitter and I have reviewed every sit except one. The sit I didn’t review was bad. The sitter before me didn’t leave feedback either.

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So many topics & posts address the review system with particular reference to missing reviews and the “red flag” meanings. This led me to wonder if the flag thing really is valid, so I checked on a sit we have done (and are booked to return to) which is truly excellent in all respects (although not in a sought after location). Everything a sitter could want is there at this home: good bed, private bathroom, clean & lovely spacious house, space in the kitchen & fridge etc. They have the best behaved Labrador ever, an easy going cat, warm house, offer of supplies, lovely environment.

They have had 22 sitters over the years, with a few repeat sitters (interestingly the repeats all wrote reviews each time, the missing reviews by sitters were just one-offs).

So, with 22 sits, there are 7 gaps where the sitters (all one-timers remember, no repeats) left no review. Now, based on “red flag” opinion here on the forum that would qualify as a red flag HO situation surely? I often see comments where a sitter is prepared to overlook one, maybe two missing reviews but not seven.

The first two sitters and the subsequent 5th, 7th, 14th, 15th & 19th sitters didn’t leave reviews.

I cross-checked the reviews left by the HO for those sitters, on the App. Three out of seven of the sitter profiles didn’t respond to touching their profile pic so I’m assuming they are lapsed members now? Someone might be able to confirm/correct me on this please? Of the other 4, the HO left a perfectly good review for them. I did notice that 3 of the 4 are really experienced with 51, 33, 24 reviews each. The other had 9 reviews, so hardly a newbie.

What might this all mean? I just can’t envisage any scenarios where sitters had problems with these lovely HOs and they received good reviews from the HO. Are really experienced multi-reviewed sitters blasé about the need to keep up the mutual reviews?

Ultimately, does this paltry one example mean we should be much more careful applying the “red flag” label than we currently, as a forum entity, seem to be? Maybe there should be much more benefit of the doubt given?


Sometimes a little research and questioning is required.
I have just applied for a sitting where there were 2 recent sitters. the second one didn’t leave a review. The first sitter left a superb review.
I looked at the second sitter’s profile and noted that she hadn’t left reviews for 2 other sittings.
So, having been accepted for this sitting, I asked the HO why the previous sitter had not left a review. HO then contacted the sitter who then wrote an excellent review.
Sitting now confirmed, everyone is happy


So @Itchyfeet your research paid off and is good advice to all. However, should it really be so difficult?

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It shouldn’t be that difficult @Saltrams but all the detective work required to try and ensure a sit will hopefully be a good experience takes time. With the current system there is also a lot of reading between the lines.
Some sitters do not take the time to do that or don’t have the ability/experience to do it and I think that is why we are hearing of so many rushed applications resulting in more cancellations.
Despite my best research efforts a recent sit wasn’t a great experience, mainly due to lack of facilities and cleanliness.
They had a repeat sitter and glowing reviews from others who had sat once and some missing reviews. Post sit I responded to their five star review mentioning the pet (who was great) but didn’t leave feedback. I didn’t feel comfortable saying I found the levels of hygiene and cleanliness lacking.
Previous sitters may have been OK with it or didn’t mention it in their feedback. As we have all said before comfort levels and cleanliness are very subjective.
Until we get an improved review/feedback system we just have to work with what we have got.

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Thanks @Saltrams for your great post about this!

So far I’ve had 2 sits (as HO), both with well-deserved 5* reviews from me. The first sitter did not leave me any feedback - but I saw when I selected them that they have only left feedback for ~40% of their sits, and sometimes months after the sit, so I didn’t really think about it.

I only learned that the HO has to request feedback in order to get it after my 2nd sitter also did not leave feedback (thanks to the forum for educating me!). I sent the requests to both sitters at the same time, also asking for any private feedback to help me improve my sits - 2nd sitter completed the feedback immediately.

1st sitter still hasn’t responded - which, based on the forum, will be seen as a negative. We had excellent communication while I was gone, and they were even considering coming back to do my 2nd sit, so I honestly don’t know if the sit was secretly awful for them or what. I do wish they’d at least send me something directly if they don’t want to leave official feedback - they knew it was my first sit, so I’m sure I made some mistakes* and it would help not just me but my future sitters.

*before anyone goes off, I did a deep clean and cleared space in my fridge and freezer and closet lol


Thank you for your post @belluca - it is good to see thoughts from both sides (the homeowner and the sitter).