Owners without reviews from previous sitters - a concern?

You should know that negative reviews are often removed.

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@Myhnabird Trustpilot tried and I asked them to show cause as it was factual and balanced. They then reviewed it. Found it was fine and left it up. I check regularly.

Hi @Andrew I’ve reported it more than once to both THS and Trust Pilot. Nothing has changed. Five star personal reviews are still ending up on Trust Pilot meaning the sitter or owners are missing it from their profile, personal info is visible on a site other than for what it was intended for, finally, the 5* reviews on Trust Pilot are, I presume, being awarded inadvertently to THS ‘s rating.
I did try to do my bit, but……


Glad to hear this - I’d read more than a few comments complaining about their comment being removed. I guess they didn’t argue their case with Trustpilot…


I have raised this issue many times and nothing will change as it keeps the THS rating high on Trust Pilot.


Part of the problem is in the set-up of the site. Their system isn’t like Apple, where everything coordinates in an intuitive fashion. There have been times where I’ve left reviews then have to hunt down where they are to get them to show up on the homeowner’s or sitter’s site. I’ve learned that often if a HO doesn’t show reviews, something else may be going on. It’s time consuming but eventually I can sometimes find the reviews another way. TH definitely has work to do to have a seamless review site. That plus updating it so that petsitters can also review for cleanliness, space, accurate pet description, etc.

Hey hey
Being only 11 degrees outside where I am…I am inside playing with the THS platforms try learn the “who didn’t leave a review”…hmmmm and why not.

On the app…one HO listing had 4 feedbacks with one sitter not completing a feedback but with dates showing for a sit.

On the website the same HO had “3 reviews” but knowledge of a 4th sitter and that the 4th sitter did not leave a review does not show

Is this a common discreoancy between platforms?

Hi @HelloOutThere - There are many things that can be done on the App that can not be done on the website and visa versa.

Here is some bedtime reading for you :wink:

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Yes that is one of the more important descrepancies.
E.g if you look on the website at a listing and see no previous sitter feedback it could mean they are first time hosts. If you check that same host on the app and see (for example) there were actually 3 previous sitters none of whom gave feedback- big red flag!!
The no feedback sitters only show up on the app so you really need to check both when researching a sit. You can also then click on each sitter and check what kind of review, if any, the host gave the sitter.
I saw a great looking sit the other day- on the website it showed no previous sitters- ‘aha newbies’ I thought! I then checked on the app- 5 previous sitters- no feedback & no host reviews either!!
Time to scroll on!!!