Pet and House Sitter from Texas

Hello THS community!

I’m originally from Texas and recently sold my home in Austin so that I could travel and work remotely. I absolutely plan to get like five dogs and approximately seventeen cats and several acres, but I want to get all the traveling out of my system before I turn into this:

Although I grew up in the suburbs, I spent a lot of time caring for animals on our family farm in east Texas. We always had dogs and cats growing up as well. Being around and caring for animals has been a huge part of my life.

Prior to the pandemic, I worked at a doggy day care so that I could be around dogs after work. It was like getting paid to go to therapy. I’d show up at 4 PM every day and run around with dogs for 3 hours. It was a healthy and fun way to unwind after a long work day.

I’m hoping to apply the same kind of thinking moving forward with this site, except it’d be one better because I’d be able to check out different places where I’d be interested in buying land for the inordinate number of animals I intend to acquire. Since I work remotely, I can hang out with dogs and cats while working as opposed to working and then hanging out with them.

Since I’m new to this site, I’m into networking with other sitters and those in need of sitters. Would love any tips or feedback you have about my profile and obviously if you’re interested in having me watch your house and pets feel free to say howdy!

Looking forward to connecting!


Welcome from Dallas!

If you want comments on your sitter profile, you can link it in your forum profile. There are also tons of tips in other posts here.


If you’re still in Texas, you might want to consider applying for this upcoming sit in Carrollton (yes I realize Texas is huge and this might be many hours away from you!).

@Dina just posted yesterday that she is struggling to find someone right now so this could be a great opportunity for you to get your first sit!

Just click on her name in the message I linked to see the link to her sit.

Good luck!


@meow. Thank you!!!

@coatandtails I have often felt torn between being a travel person or a person with a zillion animal roommates. I can relate!

What an excellent life-plan :smiley:

Consider other pets beyond dogs and cats. (Disclaimer: I have three rabbits and a parrot so may be biased.)