Requesting review

I can’t find the “request review” button any more. Where has it gone?

You’re right, it’s disappeared! Presumably THS is fiddling with it

If using the website, in the drop down box on your Dashboard, it should now say Past Sits and this hopefully will take you to where you can request your review @Wildcolonialgirl.

Go to past sits and click on the listing. You will see the request review link. I love these changes that I don’t get notified about and have to just figure out


Note that you used to be able to rewrite the request to personalize it. Last sit I clicked the new request review button and the request was sent without me having a clue about the wording.

I can’t find it either!!!

@IHeartAnimals where? I can’t find it anywhere

@MarieHuggins On the website, click on your name, and then it’s the fifth link

Hi all
I recently did a housesit following an invitation. All went well and HO wanted to give a good review but was unable as my profile was somehow inaccessible to do this. Something to do with a direct invitation I suspect and I can’t reciprocate on HOs profile either.
Any ideas how to overcome this.

Did you officially receive an invitation from the HO sent through the site and did you accept the sit by clicking on accept after OFFICIALLY receiving the invite? I’m sure you have done sits previously and know this, just asking the question.

Hi @IHeartAnimals . Doesn’t work on website. I can see ‘past sits’ but when i click on the specific sit, only option is ‘leave review’. I have however been able to find it on the phone app.

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Yes I received the invitation through the site. I responded to her invitation by reply to her message via inbox.
Her profile was locked with a ‘already invited’ flag so couldn’t access that anywhere. :thinking:

So therein lies the problem. It was never “accepted” from your side. She invited you but you didn’t press accept invitation to sit, or couldn’t. You only verbally accepted on your side which doesn’t constitute an agreement. Not sure what you can do now. Others can probably help more, or a moderator.

@Hannajo if this sit doesn’t appear as a past sit - it was not confirmed on the platform ( there are 4 stages to confirm a sit when you’ve received a private invitation- so maybe not all were completed)

Member services can add it retrospectively-e-mail them to ask that they do that . Include screenshots of your inbox messages between you and HO -( HO may also need to contact them - )

FYI for a private invitation

  1. HO sends “invite to private dates” to sitter(s)
  2. sitter must apply
  3. The HO must then confirm them as their sitter via the message thread in their inbox.
  4. Lastly, the sitter must then go into their own Inbox and in the message thread click ‘agree to sit’.

Once this confirmation from both members has been made, the sit will be official on the platform and added to both members’ dashboards.

As far as I can remember the ‘accept house sit’ tag was locked with an ‘already invited’ flag next to it, so was unable to accept that way.
I will ask admin if they can follow up with HO.
Many thanks.

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Thank you for info. Something didn’t work somewhere. I’ll follow up with admin and see what happens.
Jo :smile:

Dumb question :thinking::smiling_face:: where do I find their email address. All I can find are FAQs which are no help at all.

It’s in my post above :arrow_up:

Hmm, mine showed both the leave a review and request a review

I can do it on the app but not website