Retired Veterinarian Technician

I love travel and have had a couple of great experiences with Trusted Housesitters. I have a 198lb rescued Mastiff. Of course he is spoiled. Also mother to two grown men who are doing well. Bred and showed both Newfoundland dogs and Andalusian horses for over 30 years. Volunteer for a couple rescue groups. Also pet sit in my area. Love all animals. Looking forward to travel when Covid is under control.


Welcome Mastifffmom! We’re glad you’re here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bonjour et Bienvenue from Québec !

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Hi @Mastiffmom welcome to our community forum, where are you joining us from?

Wow you are a large breed fan, Newfies are extraordinary creatures (as are all animals of course, both great and small) are those your Bullies or ones you sit? We would love to know more about your volunteering as well as your two THS experiences so far.

As @Southernsitter says you have an excellent background for pet sitting, coming from the veterinary profession and with equine knowledge too.

Thank you so much for joining us and enjoy connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Mastifffmom! Your backgrounds sounds perfect for sitting.

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Thanks. Hope you are enjoying all your sits. It does help I can do Sub Qs and other procedures, give shots, etc.

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Yes, Bullies are ones I sat for through TH. Thought I had sat for 3 through TH. Sat locally for a mixed breed dog and spent a month taking care of 3 sheep. Planned to spent a couple years sitting around the world when my prior dog, a bull mastiff, passed, a year ago April. Bad timing with Covid. After 2 months dogless I rescued an 8 yo English Mastiff. Thought I was getting an older dog. No one told him he is old. So my world travels are curtailed somewhat till he passes.
I volunteer for Tall Tails, usually Great Dane, foster. Also Ginger dogs. I do a lot of checking on adopted dogs for them, fostered a Great Pyr. Do paperwork sometimes for Pet Central. I also walked hard to handle dogs for RASKC (Regional Animal Services of King County). Before Covid I helped train new volunteers and gave orientation to them. Sometimes I still fill in at random vet clinics when someone is ill or on vacation. Not so much now with Covid. I also have a few private clients that require injections or Sub Q treatments. I’m a lot cheaper than a vet clinic. Do some dog walking and pet sitting.
I’ve worked a lot with both domestic and large animals over the years. Also worked with exotic birds. Not much I haven’t handled.


Thank you, an amazing and very impressive summary, I’m sure there is much more besides … hearing about members volunteering is always so inspirational we need to share more around this.

Thank you again!!