Reviews: the problem of the stars


I apologize if you have already talked about this, but I have noticed that there are petsitters with, for example, three stars, but all their reviews are positive. This happens because sometimes there are hosts that publish good reviews without marking or selecting stars, which is counted as if it were a zero and lowers the average of the petsitters.

I think that, to avoid this, it should not be allowed -in software terms- to write a review without marking stars first. I have tried to transmit this message to THS, but I have not found another way of contact except the chat.

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@hopehap If this happens to anyone personally, contact customer services and they will rectify the mistake.

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Thank goodness this has never happened to me!

I know, I see this all the time, and I wonder why in the world the sitter hasn’t contacted customer support to have it corrected. Also I wonder how the software allowed it to happen. And, I too, am glad it hasn’t happened to me, but I know that I would be emailing support as soon as it did.