Reviews - We want to hear from you!

Hello :wave:

As you know, we are starting to work on improvements to the reviews system. As part of this, we would love to hear your feedback on what you find frustrating with the current system and where you would most like to see changes.

Your inputs will help us shape how we are approaching the improvements, which you will see rolled out over the upcoming weeks and months.

If you are happy to share your feedback please fill out the relevant form for your membership type:


Pet parents:

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Lizzie, Product Manager


I think you’ll find that this has been discussed on the Forum in great depth

Hi @Smiley collectively the review system has been discussed at great length the point of this request is to get individual feedback and there will be many who have yet to contribute to the discussion.

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Thanks, Lizzie! :+1:

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Is this invitation open to forum members only or has the whole membership base been contacted? Thanks


Hi @Twitcher to ensure a comprehensive range of feedback, the invitation has been extended beyond the Forum to reach the wider membership and capture a representative sample of opinions and perspectives.

How will the wider membership be contacted about the survey? I haven’t got any e-mail about it yet.


That would be a question for the Product Team @Lassie

Hi @Lizzie-ProductManager - have filled out the survey on reviews on here. Just a heads up that because it’s a linked Google doc, It finds the email account it wants & files the results under that. Not sure if that will cause you an issue when you’re trying to work out if members only have contributed? :thinking:

Hi, thanks for filling it out @Cuttlefish. We have only promoted the survey here and via email directly to members so I don’t believe there should be a problem with non-members contributing.

Hi Lassie, we sent out an email to a representative sample of the member base so if you were in that group you should have received it. This was to ensure we are not overloading our members with surveys.

I understand that all forum members are not necessarily THS members.

@Twitcher That is a great point. It does ask for you to fill out a form relating to your membership type so hopefully non-members will not choose one to fill out. But we can pass this feedback on so it’s something to be aware of :grin:

Thanks to everyone who has already filled in the survey! For anyone who hasn’t yet but would still like to, we will be closing it this afternoon so please do so before then.

This survey is now closed, thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to help the Product Team by giving their feedback.