Selecting available dates

I can’t seem to figure out how to search for sits using my available dates. If I select dates and click on a date it won’t let me add additional days but just limits to the date I selected. I want to search for a range of dates, say April 17th through April 30th and it will only take the April 17th. Usually programs like this let you hold the control to select a range.


Hi. It’s actually simpler than most calendars. Tap the first date. Then tap the second date. It displays the range in green. You’re all set to go!

Don’t forget to tap ‘APPLY’ after you have tapped your second date to fix the whole period


Hi Jeanine. I always have trouble with this. I find it extremely difficult. I end up with just one day the start one or the last. And sometimes it just highlights small squares on each date I want but then you click ‘apply’ and nothing. You somehow have to click the first date and attempt to scroll from that across to the last date and get it to stay a solid green block. But it all takes so much effort and many tries that I generally give up, as almost impossible to get that solid hreen block. An absolute fluck the first time this happened, as prior to that first time it has always been just lightly higlighted squares and I had assumed that was how it should be but could not understand why nothing happened when clicking ‘apply’. But if you happen to want to do a search for available dates over three months or more forget it. Have discovered it is impossible. it was so much easier when you simply entered the first available date and the last. Really wish it had not changed to this trial and error complication.

That does not work for me. If I tap the second date the first vanishes and it will just come up with the second date as just one day. I have to somehow click the first date and then keep key pressed and scroll acros to my end date and pray it may turn dark green but frequently doesn’t and I just get small lightly highlighted squares. It is an absolute nightmare to do.

@Jeanine & @Visit -
How strange? - The method @Snowbird describes works perfectly for me - I just tried again with no problems. Click on your start date, click on your end date then click on ‘APPLY’

Hi there I made a video. Can’t upload here but here are some screenshots of how it should look. This on a laptop.

Same instructions as have been shared but sometimes a visual helps. Select dates for drop down of calendar.

Select the first day of your availability and as you move your cursor it will turn green.

When you click m the last date of your availability it will turn dark green.

Then click apply and wait a few minutes for the magic to happen.

Then you will see all the sits that are available in that time frame.

You can of course narrow the search by location and specific pets that interest you.


thanks everyone for the wonderful help. I was trying to highlight all the dates myself rather than clicking the first and last date. I think I have it now. Happy traveling!


@Amparo I (and indirectly @Colin too) have been working with @Visit’s scenario via direct message. In this case it’s most likely the device, rather than the operator. My answer was, as always, computer gremlins have taken over the device. :woozy_face:

I’m sure your screen prints will be useful for many other people though.

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Hi Colin,

Have just about managed to be able to put two to three weeks in as at my daughters, who has faster wi-fi. Think my slower wi-fi connection made it impossible for me. Had given up trying. However it still will not work for longer periods such as looking for sits over six months or more. Any highlighting just vanishes as you move on to the next months. And previously had been trying to put longer periods in.
Best Wishes

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Thanks Snowbird and Amparo. Video interesting but I would frequently have little blue squares without the light green. Think a slow wi-fi connection may not have helped. Can just about get it to do a couple of weeks + but cannot get it to work if wanting to look for sits over a six month period for example, as any highlighting will just vanish as I move on to the next months. Thanks for everybodies help, much appreciated.


@Visit - Ahh yes, your weak WIFI may be the culprit. For me it makes no difference the length of the dates - it still works fine

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Thank you for taking the time to do this @Amparo … There’s nothing quite as helpful as visual instructions and this will be very useful to be able to share with other members in the forum who may need this information in the future. I’ve bookmarked it for that purpose :pray:

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@Amparo I have always done the same and never had any problem. Great graphics for those who haven’t had success to date.

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I’ve done this with the calendar to look for specific sits within my availability date range and found that the results continue to show dates that are not in my selected range. It is like the site doesn’t accept the date selection somehow. Any clues what might be happening? Thanks!

Hi @cherylfah welcome to our community forum, I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up for you when she is back online.