Short video of a gorgeous farm sit

We spent 5 weeks on this gorgeous property - this is a short record of that stay that we hope you enjoy viewing as much as we enjoyed making it.


Oh @DeretaMaria What a beautiful video and looks like an amazing sit with incredible animals … the ponies are so sweet and affectionate, they just like having big dogs around. Wow, certainly peaked my interest to expand my horizons to farm type sits. Thank you for sharing.


How wonderful! Where is this? I’d love to do this sit one day (that is, when you’re not available :blush:).

Fabulous. Thank you. :heart:

2017 farmsit Aussie


Wow @DeretaMaria are you guys professional videographers? This was an amazing video and better than most I have watched on Youtube. It made me jealous to spend time like this on a farm with such absolutely beautiful creatures…all are so cute, but those goats…I just can’t quit watching them…

Where were you for this sit? I want to apply next time! LOL.


What a dream :heart_eyes:

Hi Debbie, we are definitely not professionals. My husband started making videos a few years ago when I was competing in ballroom dancing and has just kept going, learning as he goes. He does all the hard work of filming, finding the right piece of music (so important) and then stitching it all together. I provide editing and direction (background in performing arts and photography) Great you enjoyed it so much, it’s nice to be able to spread the love and share the joy of these gorgeous animals.

The sit is in Milton, NSW south coast - it’s certainly a beautiful part of the world.


Absolutely gorgeous - where in the world are you?

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So glad you’ve been inspired Therese.

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Milton, NSW south coast - it’s certainly a lovely part of the world.


It certainly looks it, and farm sits are my favorite. Thanks for the little glimpse into heaven. :rainbow:


Absolutely fabulous @DeretaMaria and thanks so much for sharing this. I would love to do this sit!

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Such a beautiful video @DeretaMaria :heart_eyes: I am in love with those little ponies, and how cute were those goats just frolicking about. This is a dream sit, so glad you got to experience that and now have a beautiful video to relive it. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your lovely comments Julie, we were indeed lucky to be chosen for this sit - it was a very special experience.

What a great video! I am a new sitter and wondered if a farm would be too much for one person. That one looks like I could do it! One day, I think I will apply - that was beautiful and looked like lots of fun! Thanks, again.

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Thanks Tam, so glad you found the video inspiring. Both of us did spend quite a bit of time not just feeding the animals but connecting with them as well. For example, we are the first people ever, other than the owners, to get anywhere Squeak the cat, and that was only after 3 weeks of working to win her trust. She is now our new best friend :cat: :joy:


What a beautiful journey!


What a gorgeous little piece of heaven!

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