Single pet sits

As a solo sitter I would only be happy looking after one dog at a time. Is there a way I can just select ‘single pet’ sits without having to scroll through hundreds of sits that have 2+ dogs?


The simple answer @Anih is no.


no you can’t select a filter, yet, but, when you look at listings, you’ll see the amount of dogs at the left of the little dog icon under the pic. It’s not as straightforward and time saving as an actual filter, but visually, you can select the sits not to click on, if they have for example:

3 :dog2:

I’ve noticed that home-owners tend to only use this accurately for cats and dogs, but less so for outside animals (horses, chickens) or small pets.

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oh I didn’t know that! I never really looked at that number to apply, and mostly sat cats and dogs, but I wanted to try a horse sit in the future: because I used to horseback ride, I know how much work 2-3 horses are, so will definitely make sure it’s not a horse back riding school of 20 thoroughbreds before applying :grimacing:
thanks for the precision!