Sitting --> Spending

I love this desert cactus hat/coat stand. I’ll make one when I get home!


Ugh, definitely @Cuttlefish; all over the Middle East in fact. I love the fragrance, it’s the quantity I have issues with :woozy_face:

I’d love to have an “extra” $350ish to drop on a bottle of perfume… And darn it, now that I know that there is a violet & amber, I have to go to a Sephora and at least smell those two.

I fluctuate between amber and Lily of the valley oils as my perfume/scent. I’d think Oud is too strong to wear, but maybe because I’ve only smelled it as a candle?

Haha, same!! Spotted in Brighton & my mind was blown

Crikey, does Jo Malone cost that much in America @MissChef? I thought it was pricey here but I could get a small bottle for about £60 (guessing that’s $80-85? I’m sure someone who can do maths will put me straight).

Ok, just found it at Sephora:
50ml is $192 before tax
100ml is $270 before tax.
Still out of my budget :pensive:

List for when we set up home again:
herb rocker
magnetic knife strip
serpentine shaped potato masher with U shaped handle
spiky rubber toilet brush
Bosch hob
touch responsive bedside lamps
kitchen maid laundry rack

Out of curiosity, I checked and prices on Amazon seem much cheaper. Don’t know whether we’re talking about the same varieties.

I wouldn’t buy luxury beauty or skin care products from Amazon. I’ve done that (during prime day) and the quality is very poor. Either they’re selling you old/expired product (even sealed) or let them sit in hot warehouses for too long (damage) or they’re bogus branding (have read this is common with Amazon).
I learned my lesson and now just buy luxury skin care products or perfumes directly from the brands or Sephora or Ulta.

You can plug in honey add-in in your browser and wait for a coupon.

I don’t buy such products at all. I was checking prices, because if there are a bunch of listings, you usually get a sense of market price, so you presumably can get X for similar prices elsewhere.

For sure. They have some great deals on there, so I bought them in the past just to be disappointed multiple times. The last time I bought a face cream from Amazon, it was at 60% off the total price I would get from Sephora, it smelled terrible like it had been sitting in the hot sun for a week. I had the same issue with a different eye cream, so I told myself never again lol.


I’m careful with buying food on there, too. I don’t think the prices are better, but the selection is broad and it’s convenient. Like I get tea and candies from abroad on there. The only thing is, you have to read the reviews to see whether people complain about old inventory or such. So far, I’ve been able to steer clear.

For other goods, I’ve actually found better prices in various cases from other places, including directly from some manufacturers, like for shoes. But if something is only say within 10 bucks difference, I’ll often buy it on Amazon anyway, because it’s convenient.

Yeah, it’s great for some stuff. I still buy many other things there because it’s convenient.

It sure is @Saltrams - wafting in massive quantities wherever you go. My abbaye used to smell of it almost permanently in days gone by. Now it’s nostalgia :raised_hands:t3::joy:

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On one of our very first house sits, we were surprised to see a painting in the livingroom of the homeowners which was the exact painting we had in our livingroom!


I applied for a sit. In one of the photos, their cat was pictured with an afghan blanket in the same zig zag pattern as three that i have. In the video call, we compared afghans and behind them on the wall was the same Matisse poster of the goldfish that I used to have before it got lost in a move. I’ll be sitting for them next month.


:scream: amazing!
However @MissChef, it does make me feel just a little better (even though it’s only perfume at issue here) because usually it seems everything is cheaper & a better deal in the US compared to UK. Apple products; always. Credit card bonuses & packages; always.

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Stopppp! I love that you mentioned Dawn power wash spray because I just discovered it on my last sit and bought it immediately after! lolll

I’m nomadic right now but have a photo folder on my phone for all the trinkets I want to buy… photos of mattress tags, decor, books…cat litter that didn’t smell :joy:

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THIS is the answer :laughing: