Starting my Pet sitting journey

Hi all,

My name is Megan - I signed up over Christmas and my first official pet sit starts the 18th of January. In the mean time I’m looking after a girlfriends house while she’s away - with 2 lovely dogs, a bearded dragon and 2 snakes. The snakes are all sorted - but my new lizard friend needs fresh crickets everyday - wish me luck!

I’m currently located in Sydney Australia, and I have 2 other bookings over the coming months. I’ve recently sold a property - packed and stored most of my stuff and the plan is to be on a plane sometime in April. I’m not sure exactly where - or how long - my nomad plans are very flexible!

Other info - I’m single, with a 24yo daughter, recently retired from a somewhat hectic expat life in Singapore.

Once travel opens up and we’re all moving about more - I’d love to catch up with anyone out and about, swap sitting stories!


Hi Megan and welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters congratulations on securing your first sit, will this be local to you and what pets will you be keeping company, or keeping you company?

Thank you for your introduction and I also spent time living an expat life in Singapore and there a number of other members also and those who have enjoyed great sitting opportunities in the city.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members an we look forward to sharing in your new THS journey.

Angela and the Team

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Fabulous @Mjstokes just fabulous Megan.
Best wishes, see you out there!

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Thanks! Yes it’s local - we’ll nearly an hour away - it 2 little brother puppies, very sweet - it’s just 3 days so the perfect easing into it.
This week it’s the big and the little

And this guy

Wow. Where abouts in Singapore? I was at Tanjong Rhu then some time at the end near Clementi.


Hi @Mjstokes Beach Road, we had an apartment there for almost 18 months.

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@Mjstokes Welcome to the wonderful world of THS, Megan. I’m a fellow Aussie and just love being a sitter, both within Oz and overseas. Enjoy your first sit and many more to come. I, too, am looking forward to heading overseas soon.


Hi Megan and welcome.
You have almost described my life 7 years ago except I had a partner in crime and we set sail on a 40 foot yacht. All our worldly goods packed up in a container and we didn’t have a clue where we were going and how long for.

Exciting isn’t it?

Would I have done anything differently?..…no
Do I have any regrets…….definitely no.

Go luck and keep us posted on what’s happening in your life.


Welcome Megan! Looking forward to hearing all your travel and pet sitting stories.

Hi, Megan. I am here in very cold (-38 or so last week; heatwave today at -8 C) of western Canada. I too am new to THS, and eagerly awaiting my first housesit. I am hoping to find one in Arizona when I go down there for a conference in late Feb. When my husband retires in a few years (I have already done that…) we hope to be full time THS for a few years… I think the hard part is getting started. It is interesting that the THS sitters seem to vary so much in their expectations. I have travelled so much that maybe I am not as fussy as some people. It will be an adventure!


Hi! Well good luck - my first was confirmed so quickly, I didn’t realise people have an experience of a slow start. I think my overseas applications might start slower unfortunately, but I’m excited to get going.

Sounds wonderful!

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Lovely area. I miss it but too $$$ for retirement