Sunsets and sunrises

This was from my list sit.

Sheepscombe in the Cotswolds, Uk. The view from my bedroom window.

Was simply a heavenly place to be… missing it loads.


@Purdie a beautiful view :heart::blush:

That’s my home town. Was there Thursday. On south coast today on a sit

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San Xavier Mission at sunset - near where I’m sitting in Sahuarita, Arizona


@jcvbva absolutely stunning! :sunrise::heart:

@Purdie Sheepscombe is one of my favourite villages. We did a weekend housesit there last year. We only live down the road in Cheltenham but it was so peaceful and lovely we could have been many miles away. We did have to laugh when we realised that, should one of the pets ned the vet, we would almost drive past the end of our road to get there!

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@Debbie. So lovely to hear that Sheepscombe is your favourite village too. :heart_eyes:. It has a magical effect, don’t you think? I’d love to move there :pray:t3:.

Jolly envious that you are not at all far… lucky you! Which cottage did you sit for last year?

Yesterday in Dublin.


Sunset on Chichester Harbour


@Purdie Beautiful :sunrise::heart:

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sunset from Harbor mountain in Sitka


It’s on my bucket list. Please tell me it’s as beautiful as I imagine

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It is beautiful. This sunset was last season. I work there seasonally as a guide. When it’s not raining and later i. The season you csn get some pretty fabulous sunsets.


@Catgoddess_99 Wow! Simply stunning :heart:

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Wow that’s stunning. Where is Sitka?

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Hi @Purdie Sitka is in Alaska

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Wow. You guys are all amazing people! So adventurous! I hardly ever leave the UK :smirk:

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Sunset in Granada :es:


Sitka is located in Southeast Alaska on the Gulf of Alaska Pacific. It’s on an Island called Baranof Island.

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Surfers at sunset yesterday. Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.