Sunsets and sunrises

  1. Chicago from a plane
  2. Holbox Island
  3. Spent a lot of days in Holbox, so a few more from there.
  4. East Lansing, MI
  5. Los Angeles, CA (Griffith Observatory)

  1. LA
  2. LA
  3. Santa Monica, CA
  4. Joshua tree, CA
  5. Istanbul, Turkey




Hope you’ll get to see them. They’re beautiful. Only hiccup is, they bloom when they feel like it and that’s sometimes before or after they’re forecasted to. Sometimes people make travel plans and Mother Nature doesn’t oblige.

I’ve lived in the D.C. area twice, and that’s when I’ve seen them. Though I’ve visited plenty, I never tried to time them during trips.

Two of my brothers work for two different major airlines here in the U.S. so lucky me I have access to buddy passes for the occasional last minute quick trip planning and a partner who doesn’t mind me going on solo trips.
Maybe I’ll have to plan it that way next spring! :smiley:

View from my current sit at sunrise in Cyprus.


That reminds me of a friend of my dad’s when I was a kid. He was a retired Pan-Am pilot with lifetime flying privileges. Once, he went overseas and realized much of the country was shut down for a multi-day holiday, so he hopped back on the next flight and then flew back after they’d reopened, LOL.

Oh yes, people who work or retire from these airlines have the best perks! :smile:

I’m just a sister so it is always standby for me with a handful of people before me from the list, sometimes works great if flights aren’t too full but not the best option during a holiday or busy season. In those cases, I would just rather pay the full fare price or plan ahead.

@wendy_chicago absolutely yes, hubby took early retirement as an airline Captain so we have great staff travel privileges too, super handy :airplane::+1:t2:

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Yes, great perks! My only sibling gets terrific perks, but they’re not any good to me. They work at a top university and their kids will either get a free ride if they can get into the school, or the school will pay for whichever college they get into. Pretty amazing, but fat lot of good it does me, LOL.

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Saw the sunset play out from indoors at the Louvre yesterday.


The sunrise falls gently across the view from my hotel room balcony in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is visible in the far right of shots Nos. 1 and 3.

I’m doing a bit of travel between sits.


@Maggie8K ahh I love a Paris sunrise :fr::two_hearts:


Sunset from campsite in West Kirby on Thursday……….


@Foldor13 beautiful :sunrise::heart:

@Foldor13 - we spent 10 nights in West Kirby recently and were very impressed with the choice of shops, bars and restaurants and easy access to Liverpool. Enjoy!


Still one of my favorite subjects to photograph…sunset in Roxbury, Vermont


@Joanne Stunning! :heart:


Not the best but a Pacific sunset. It’s been a very long time since we saw our last one


@ElsieDownie Beautiful :sunrise::heart: