Switching from Homeowner to Housesitter

Hello all! We joined THS in 2014 as homeowners with our little Shih Tzu, Harley, and were so very happy with the numerous housesitters found via this site. After our fur baby departed our world, we stopped using the site but we decided last year to retire early and travel as soon as things started opening back up, so we just sold our house(and got fully vaccinated), we are putting what’s left of our stuff in storage in our home state and have our first 5 month housesit in Mexico starting the end of May. We are so excited to be on the traveler-end of things now and will be writing/talking about our adventures on a established retirement blog/podcast that a friend of ours started several years ago called “Rock Your Retirement”. We can’t wait!!!


Fun! Congratulations! I can see myself making the switch in the future too, such a great way to travel and give others peace of mind while enjoying a new “home.” I still have 10 animals so it will be awhile, but I’m patient. Buen viaje!


Hello @DanyelaC thank you so much for joining our community forum it so great to have you here. Our condolences for the loss of your beloved fur baby and thank you for sharing Harley with us, the animals of THS are the heart of our community.

What a great story and a 5 month sit in Mexico, you will be living like a true local, how exciting … "Rock Your Retirement’ indeed we can’t wait to share in your story, be sure to send pictures and a weekly snap shot of your Mexican adventure.

Enjoy connecting with other members and welcome again.

Angela & The Team


Congratulations! We started out as home / pet owners too almost a decade ago and transitioned as semi-retirees to full-time travelling/house sitting and have now done over 100 sits and seen the world - it’s been wonderful. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Mexico - it still rates as one of our top h/s locations - we spent 8 months there over a year period, but house sitting mainly in San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic. Enjoy your retirement and will look out for your podcast!


Congrats on the big life changes!

We love hearing about others doing long term travel :heart_eyes: So many people have dreams to do what you guys are doing, but the fear and doubt hold them back. Props on taking the leap and jumping in!

We did it very similarly and sold our 95% of our belongings and turned in our apartment keys over 4 years ago with the intent of traveling for a year in Europe. We had no idea how much we’d love house sitting and the nomadic lifestyle, but after a year, it was clear that it was meant for us. We haven’t stopped!

Where in Mexico are you guys sitting? We want to explore more of Mexico, but like @HousesittingMag we have sat in San Miguel de Allende and were then fortunate to spend time in Queretaro doing an incredible travel hack/mattress run where we essentially stayed at Hilton for free for 41 nights. The culture, especially once you step out of the expat cities, is wonderful, so lively and loving.

Do you have plans or dreams after your first sit?

We’re excited for you and please post about your adventures and a link to the podcast once it’s live!