Thank You 2022!

Oh my, what a year it has been! I’m quite sure that all of our adventures would not have come to fruition, if not for the discovery of THS in late 2021. When you plan your life, it’s always known that things can change. It’s how you deal with those changes and how you adapt along the journey, that truly makes life worth all of our effort. Embrace each day and find the joy in the moment, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. We are thankful for our time with every family member and friend, who’ve been a part of this great adventure. As we reflect on 2022, and look forward to what’s ahead for 2023….wishing everyone happy and healthy new year

MOBILE, AL :us: :red_car: :truck: moved
Nassau, Bahamas :bahamas: :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship: 3
Labadee, Haiti :haiti: :passenger_ship:
Miami, FL :us: 2 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship: 2
Everglades, FL :us: Excursion
Cape Canaveral, FL :us: :hotel: :passenger_ship:
Pensacola, FL :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Moss Point, MS :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
New Orleans, LA :us: :red_car: :passenger_ship:
Champaign, IL :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Chicago, IL :us: :red_car: :family:
Bedford, PA :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Lancaster, PA :us: :red_car: :dog2: :dog2:
Baltic, CT :us: :red_car: :dog2: :dog2:
Waterford, CT :us: :red_car: :family:
Boston, MA :us: 2 :red_car: :family:
Hebron, NH :us: :red_car: :family:
Alexandria, VA :us: :taxi: :hotel: 2 :sleeping_bed:
Washington, DC :us: :train2: :hotel: :sleeping_bed: :dog2: :dog2::airplane:
Fort Lauderdale, FL :us: :hotel: 3 :sleeping_bed: :passenger_ship:
Malaga, Spain :es: :passenger_ship: Esc
Cartagena, Spain :es: :passenger_ship:
Valencia, Spain :es: :passenger_ship: Hop on/off
Palma de Mallorca, Spain :es: :passenger_ship:
Tour Caves
Barcelona, Spain :es: 2 :passenger_ship:
Paris,France :fr: :bus: :hotel: :sleeping_bed: 7 hoho
Hanover, Germany :de: :bus:
Hamburg, Germany :de: 3 :bus:
Puttgarden, Germany :de: :ferry: :bus:
Rodbyhavn, Denmark :denmark: :bus:
Copenhagen, :denmark: 3​:bus: :ferry: :red_car::hotel:4 :sleeping_bed: :passenger_ship: hoho
Malmo, Sweden :sweden: :red_car:
Stockholm, Sweden :sweden: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Åre, Sweden :sweden: :red_car: Resort :hotel: 4 :sleeping_bed:
Trondheim, Norway :norway: car
Oslo, Norway :norway: :red_car:
Gothenburg, Sweden :sweden: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Wurzburg, Germany :de: :bus:
Nuremberg, Germany :de: :bus:
Munich, Germany :de: :bus: hoho
Innsbruck, Austria :austria: :bus:
Bologna, Italy :it: :bus:
Florence, Italy :it: :bus:
Rome, Italy :it: :bus: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Civitavecchia, Italy :it: 3 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship:
Salerno, Italy :it: :passenger_ship:
Siracusa, Sicily :it: :passenger_ship:
Santorini, Greece :greece: :passenger_ship:
Fira city tour
Kusadasi, Turkey :tr: :passenger_ship:
Mykonos, Greece :greece: 2 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship:
City tour
Athens, Greece :greece: :passenger_ship:
Chania, Souda, Greece :greece: :passenger_ship:
Olive farm tour
Zaykanthos, Greece :greece: :passenger_ship:
Kotor, Montenegro :montenegro: :passenger_ship:
Split, Croatia :croatia: :passenger_ship:
Ravenna, (Venice) Italy :it: 2 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship:
Messina, Sicily :it: :passenger_ship:
Livorno, Italy :it: 2 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship:
Olive Farm & Wine Tour
Cannes, France :fr: 2 :passenger_ship: :passenger_ship:
Nice (Villefranche) France :fr: :passenger_ship:
Monaco city tour :monaco:
Genoa, Italy :it: :passenger_ship:
Portofino, Italy :it:
City Tour
Pisa, Italy :it: :airplane:
Frankfurt, Germany :airplane:
Edinburgh, Scotland :uk: :airplane: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:8 ho
Edinburgh Castle tour, Scotland
Brittania Royal Ship tour, Scotland
Corstorphine, Scotland :uk: :train2: :cat2: :cat2:
Inveraray, Scotland :uk: chauffeur tour :bus:
Doune, Scotland :uk: chauffeur tour :bus:
Hollyrood Palace, Scotland tour
Mary Chase Close, Scotland tour
Newcastle, England :uk: :train2:
London, England :uk: 2 :hotel:5 :sleeping_bed: :train2:ho
Seven Oaks, England​:uk: :train2: :hotel: :sleeping_bed: :cat2:
Knole Castle tour, Seven Oaks
Clapham Junction, England :uk: :train2: :dog2:
Kensington Palace Tour
Brighton Beach, UK :train2:
Haslemere, UK​:uk: :train2: :hotel: :sleeping_bed: :dog2: :cat2: :cat2:
Dover, England :uk: :bus:
Calais, France P&O Ferry :fr: :ferry: :bus:
Brussels, Belgium :belgium: :bus:
Antwerp, Belgium :belgium: :bus:
Bruges, Belgium :belgium: :bus:
Amsterdam, Netherlands :netherlands: :bus:
Kolding, Denmark :denmark: :bus:
Odense, Denmark :denmark: :bus:
Kristiandsand, Norway :norway: :passenger_ship:
Akureyri, Iceland :iceland: :passenger_ship:
Reykjavik, Iceland :iceland: 2 :passenger_ship:
Blue Lagoon thermal bath tour
Cruise Prins Christian Sund-Greenland :greenland: :passenger_ship: border :latin_cross:
Qaqortoq, Greenland :greenland: :passenger_ship:
Nanortalik, Greenland :greenland: :passenger_ship:
Boston, MA :us: :passenger_ship: :family:
New London, CT :us: :train2:
Waterford, CT :us: :train2: :red_car: :family:
Boston, MA :us: :red_car: :family:
Hebron, NH :us: :red_car: :family:
Roxbury, VT :us: :red_car: :family:
Saltamanca,NY :us: car :slot_machine: :slot_machine: :hotel: 2​:bed:
Chicago, IL :us: :red_car: :family:
Albany, MN :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Glendive, MT :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Great Falls, MT :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Calgary, AB, :canada: :red_car: :cat2: border :latin_cross:
Eastport, ID :us: :red_car: border :latin_cross:
Spokane, WA :us: :red_car: :hotel: :sleeping_bed:
Richmond, BC :canada: :red_car: :family: border :latin_cross:
Comox, VI, BC :canada: :ferry: :red_car: :cat2:
Ladysmith, BC :canada: :red_car:
Fort Moody, BC :canada: :red_car: :cat2:
Victoria, VI,BC :canada: :red_car: :ferry: football
Richmond, BC :canada: :red_car: :family:
Bellingham, WA​:us::red_car: :cat2: :cat2:border :latin_cross:
Richmond, BC :canada: :red_car: :family: border :latin_cross:
Waikiki Beach, HI​:us: :airplane: :family: border :latin_cross:
:hotel: 14​:bed:
Circle Island Tour
Richmond, BC :canada: :airplane: :family: border :latin_cross:
Vancouver, BC :canada: :red_car: :family: :cat2:

114 cities
25 countries
29 US states
2 Canadian Provinces
10 cruises
73 days at sea
4 plane trips 1 domestic, 3 international
8 train trips
2 car rentals
1 two day domestic
1 five day international
32 Border Crossings
145 days pet sitting
64 nights in Hotels
6 Ferry trips
10 excursions
5 overnight Flixbus
2 overnight Blablabus
10 days of Hop on Hop off buses
Traveled 45,719 miles or 73,577 km
323 days from 2/11/22-12/31/22

Official Border Crossings:
USA to Spain 5/4/22
Spain to France 5/5/22
France to Belgium, to Netherlands to Germany 5/13/22
Germany to Denmark, 5/14 & 5/21 & 8/31/22
Denmark to Sweden 5/15/22
Sweden to Norway 5/19/22
Norway to Sweden 5/19/22
Sweden to Denmark 5/20/22
Denmark to Germany 5/21/22
Germany to Austria, Lichtenstein, and Italy 5/22/22
Italy to Germany to Scotland 6/20/22
Scotland to England 7/10/22
England to France 9/1/22
France to Holland, Amsterdam 9/1/22 Netherlands, to Germany 9/1/22
Germany to Denmark 9/2/22
Denmark to Norway 9/5/22
Norway to Iceland 9/9/22
Iceland to Greenland 9/14/22
Greenland to USA 9/18/22
Montana US to Calgary Alberta, CA 10/7/22
Calgary, Alberta CA to Idaho, US
Blaine, WA to PeaceArch, BC 10/11/22
Peace Arch, BC to Blaine, WA 11/8/22
Blaine, WA to PeaceArch, BC 11/13/22
Vancouver, BC to Honolulu, HI 11/16/22
Honolulu, HI to Vancouver, BC 12/1/22

Phoebe :dog2: Amber :dog2: Daphne :cat2: Daphne, AL
Ellie :black_cat: Chicago, IL
Ollie :dog2: Brodie :dog2: Lancaster, PA
Naz :dog2: Bella :dog2: Baltic, CT
Bachka :dog2: Laika :dog2: Wash DC
Cpt Jack :cat2: Spotty :cat2: Edinburgh GB
Saffron :dog2: Peachia :cat2: Seven Oaks, GB
Beegu :dog2: Clapham Junction GB
Mango :dog2: Olive :black_cat: Oscar :black_cat: Hasslemere, GB
Drewl :cat2: Calgary, AB, CA
Boudin :black_cat: Comox, VI, BC, CA
Cheekamus :black_cat: Port Moody, BC CA
Bobo :black_cat: Pippa :black_cat: Bellingham, WA
Cloudy :cat2: Vancouver, BC CA

Passport Stamps: Barcelona 5/4/22
Frankfurt 6/20/22
Copenhagen 9/1/22
Reykjavik 9/9/22


@Joanne …WOW! WOW! WOW! This is just incredible and a testament to what TrustedHousesitters is achieving for our members. I am so impressed and in awe of what you have done and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for you!



Thanks @Debbie-L…it was quite an adventure! Our year ahead, isn’t planned with much extensive travel outside the US, until we leave for a transpacific cruise to Australia. For us, 2022 was more about making up for lost travel time from the prior 2 years, and being fully retired. Although we have over 100 days of petsitting confirmed for 2023, we still have so much more to see of this great country :wink:

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I’m right there with you! I am retiring from my full time job July 1 any my husband September 3. After that we will be traveling like crazy…Trustedhousesitters in all that travel. I can’t wait for all the adventures to begin. I have been with THS for over three years as a pet parent, then our baby passed so I became a sitter…now looking forward to all the travels and meeting new pets and their parents around the Globe. I think it is the greatest of lives!


Well done @Joanne
Living proof anything is possible.
Every happiness to you both!
Live long and enjoy every moment wherever you are!
Love the energy and well I need a tissue, dripping wisdom :sweat_smile: all over the world!


Joanne … as @Debbie-L says WOW, WOW, WOW!! What an epic adventure, one I need to properly digest … so many experiences and so many memories!!!

The lifestyles members forge for themselves never ceases to amaze, from this 12 month “Joanne” adventure to a few trips around the local countryside … life and travel with purpose no matter where it takes you or for how long, it’s what it means to you that’s important

Thank you for sharing … The question is just how did you record it all and how many pictures/videos did you take?


I was wondering the same thing…

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Thanks @Amparo and @Angela_L.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. May seem cliche but very appropriate in this instance. The old ‘if you build it, they will come….well we built it with our will and the way to build ‘it’ became very apparent. THS facilitated the dream of what our retirement life could become, and we are forever thankful :heart_eyes:

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I guess that’s one more thing to keep track of…or maybe NOT :wink:

@Debbie-L couldn’t agree more…the best of lives!!!

Things are overused for a reason. They work. :wink:
Old, tried and true :crazy_face: