THS needs to start helping users with its tech issues

A listing opened up. 2 sets of dates. I am not available for the June dates, I am only available for the September dates. Anyways, the June dates are “you are busy with another sit” which is the case, or reviewing application, I’m not sure which one, I don’t care: I’m not available for them anyways…
I click on “apply” for the September dates.
The system pop up message “be careful you are already booked for a set of dates that you may be booked already for, blablabla” I click ok because I know it’s just a warning message, that she dates are booked. If it was just 1 date advertised, I could only see “you are busy with another sit” and couldn’t click apply. Right? so already, we can tell I am correct technologically speaking.
I am then directed to the application window (I am on the lap top version) which as @pietkuip explained to the community, multiple times, once you have clicked on the set of date, AND written a few words, you are GUARANTEED to have your application sent, even if it becomes reviewing applications while you type. RIGHT?
ok, so I start typing my application, even though, the only set of dates that pop up to me are the June dates, which were reviewing application or you are busy with another sit…already it doesn’t look too good on THS tech side. But the June dates are the only ones given to me. So I decide “hey. I’ll click them, and explain that the system bugged to the pet parents, that it’s the only way for me to communicate with them, so I am not availble for June, but September. In that given situation, I have to do what I have to do to override bugs and explain manually to the pet parent why I am applying to the wrong dates, as it is the only channel of communication available to me, on this platform”
I send my application and get the message that my application couldn’t be sent because I was already booked during those dates.
ok so I tell myself: sure, it’s a system bug, obviously, I will contact membership services, so they can reopen the sit for me. Because I took screen shots of everything, including the window where you can clearly see that the only set of dates opening up, is the June dates, during which I am not available, and which were reviewing applications or you’re busy with another sit.

I speak to Frankie and tell him I want to speak to a human. No disrespect, but Frankie was way more helpful than the human.
Other than saying how he understood my frustration, and how sad it must have been to be me in that situation and how literally, there was nothing he could do, there’s nothing else than giving feedback to his team …he didn’T help anyone. Isn’t customer service suppose to help its customers in a given organisation, especially when the mistake is coming from the company’s mistake?

This is a bug in the system. A bug is not a customer’s fault. When a bug is detected, it’s important to help the customer repair this bug AKA to reopen the sit in the back end (I’m pretty sure membership services could have contacted the specific pet parent on my behalf if it wasn’ technically possible to reopen specifically to me the application window with the right dates) but no. no THS membership services isn’t here for that or doesn’T have time for that.

Seriously, I am furious because this specific sit is the perfect example of how BAD the updates technologically speaking, are affecting users. TWO of your updates came into effect in this case and took me away from applying, even though I was playing by the rules and following your new (not that new anymore) set of regulations. I was applying as there was only 1 applicant, and I was applying for a set of dates I was available for.
If the system is so fragile and can’t sustain so many updates…why doesn’t THS hire a team of tech savvy people, who will (unlike membership services) be tech savvy enough to get into the system and help people resolve the tech issues you keep having, and that are keeping us from using your product to its full extent. It’s not even the fact that I lost a valuable amount of time applying for a sit I was free to do, qualified to do, and in time to do, but it’s the fact that Mr membership services who took care of me, literally had nothing helpful to say other then “ah well sorry, must suck to be in your situation” when the situation is created by the very company he represents.
THS help us help you, not trying to be Tom cruise here, but please. Fix your bug issues before you start implementing new rules and regulations and new magic.
And yes lovely @Carla @Jenny please pass the feedback to the team, if it can help the community go in the right direction, but wow, am I speechless about this.


@Nadia111 ask to speak to a manager in customer services ( via live chat :speech_balloon:)


@Nadia111 ,
I have reported this issue to the product team.


Thank you Maeve

Good idea! So instead of “speak to a human” I directly go to “speak to a manager”?

Doubt you can ask a bot and get a manager right off, because customer processes usually are tuned to save money. And a regular rep’s time is usually cheaper than a manager’s, so they filter what they can address. Plus, managers are relatively few and there’s only so much of their time.

That’s totally true, they do cost more, and are fewer, in any organisation. That’s why a tech savvy team in contact with the public would be a good solution, as an IT help desk team member might be “pricier” than a customer service rep, but because the service is 100% tech based, it would really help the community and the quality of…everything, really, and the need to ask for a manager would disappear for most cases.

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It is not only tech. The THS desk will also get lots of problems that are about human-human interactions. And about pets.

One problem on THS is that the user interfaces are so inconsistent, not user-friendly, and that they are extremely poorly documented.

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You’re totally right; in that case we need two teams: one tech related (issues with lap top version, bugs, messages not received in inbox, 14 day reviews timeframe not letting user review, etc) and one human behaviour only related (issues with hidden cameras, dog biting, third party entering a house when pet sitter is asleep, sitter or parent cancelling last minute, etc). That latter team doesn’t need software eng. experience.
I would have liked to speak to a dev yesterday, not a regular “I’m sorry about your problem but sadly there’s nothing I can do about it”, I would have preferred the same answer followed by “but let me transfer you to my tech colleague, he’ll be Able to get into the sit page for you, and let you in the system, as looking at your screenshot, that’s clearly an issue on our end and you should have been able to at least make contact with the pet parent ”
Of course I am fully aware how much work these guys would get, but I believe eventually ths will need to address core code issues they keep having. Or they might stop implementing new things and put all they’re tech ressources on working on what’s broken…:wink: