Traveling to Portugal from USA

I am thrilled to say we have a 10 day housesit in Tomar Portugal in October. I am now looking at what the covid entry rules are and wondering if anyone from the US has recently traveled to Portugal. Our last booster was in March and I saw something about the vaccine having to be within the last 9 months, so that worried me since we will be 10 months since the booster when we fly. Also, I am not finding anything stating that Portugal will accept the US’s covid vaccine card. Any help or guidance to websites is appreciated.

Hi @Peg and congratulations on securing your house sit in October in Portugal. Unfortunately none of us know what the regulations will be at that time and so our official advice is that you always contact your government website concerning immigration and entry, and the official websites of Portugal.

It’s so easy to rely on anecdotal information, which whilst helpful, could mean you take advice that isn’t relevant to your citizenship, country of origin or current regulations, which in Europe have changed suddenly at times without much notice.

With that disclaimer mentioned, you might take a look at these 2 websites for some guidance … they also have links to official websites:

COVID-19 Information - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal.

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Congratulations on your sit @Peg
The US COVID immunization card was accepted when I entered in March.
As Vanessa recommended, the official government site is the most reliable and updated resource.
Everything could be completely different come October.
Have fun and enjoy.

Thanks @Amparo , assuming you had to show a negative covid test upon entering? Yes I realize everything could be totally different by October but just wanting to understand it as best I can today and watch for changes. BTW, thanks for all your posts on Portugal, they will be a big help on our trip!


Thanks @Vanessa-ForumCMgr !

Yes ma’am. There is a pretty detailed account of my experiences somewhere in this haystack, I mean forum :laughing::wink:

That’s pretty good that they accepted your card, because the US vaccination paper card is not listed as being accepted on the official Portuguese website. Again the US is behind the rest of world by not having a digital vaccination card. I had to convert my paper card to European Digital certificate, just to make sure it is accepted around Europe.

I just followed the instructions from website and airline guidelines
Haven’t had to show it except on initial transatlantic flight.
For Spain I just filled out the locator form. Again just followed prompts and guidelines by airlines.

We just returned from Portugal last week, and the requirement we had were a PCR test within 72 hours of departure to Portugal. We did it through our local pharmacy (CVS) and it was quick and easy (right through the drive thru window). Our insurance covered it, and you will get an email with the results with 1-2 days (we got ours the next morning). Then you can upload all that info into your online airline reservation location so you can receive your boarding pass.
Upon return, we needed a test within 24 hours of departure, and many of the local pharmacies in Portugal do them with results in 24 hours. Those were not emailed to us, so we had to take a pic and download from that.
Very easy process (much easier than we thought).

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@BunnyCat So you can convert it to the EU digital? Had no idea, will have to look up how to do that

@DebandAl Thank you, that is what I thought we might have to do (the PCR test 72 hours before). Did Portugal accept your vaccine card (if you are vaccinated)? Thanks

@DebandAl - One more question, how much did the test in Portugal cost. We just got back from Scotland and I bought tests through Emed. It worked great but the packages are huge and I had to carry them around for 3 weeks until we needed them the day before departure.
Don’t really want to do that again.

Hi Peg, right now it has gotten harder since most countries no longer require a covid pass.
We did ours through Panama details are here

Also I think most French & German pharmacies will still do it but for a small fee (used to be free)

They still required a test

It was $25 Euros

How strange! I am reading this from hotel room in Tomar(holiday, not sitting). I am sure you will love it. A very quaint old town with a beautiful river and the old convent at the top of the hill. Lucky you.

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Yesterday we took the bus from Seville to Tavira. No COVID test or proof of vacation required to enter Portugal by bus.

thanks @BunnyCat - we just booked our flights, so going directly into Portugal. You would think the USA covid cards are ‘an equivalent certificate’ but I don’t see USA listed on the Portugal equivalent list. So, at this point, we do a test here before we leave. Are you housesitting in Tavira?

@Peg unfortunately USA is one of the few remaining countries without a digital COVID certificate. California has one but it is not accepted in Europe, because it’s a state certificate. That’s why we converted ours through Panama, although now we didn’t really need it… and yes, this is our first day of a 2 weeks cat sit in Tavira.

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@BunnyCat - I just read this article from early this year A national Covid vaccine card has quietly emerged and I was able to get a digital form of my vaccine on my phone via a QR code. I got all my vaccines through Walgreens so it was easy to do on their app. Still don’t know if this is ok with Portugal, but I’m gonna keep looking! Enjoy your housesit!!

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