Trying to figure it all out, very excited!

Hi there! I’m Cressa and I live outside of Madison Wisconsin. We have an Aussiedoodle that we got at the beginning if Covid. She was supposed to bond with our son but my husband got her heart first! Hahaha So now we are empty nesters with a 2 year old dog commitment.

Thus enter Trusted House sitters and our very excited and hope filled furniture for finding sitters so we can travel and sit for others!

My husband owns his own Internet Security business so we are extremely flexible on dates to travel. We just need to find a sitter to free us up first.

Here’s hoping this next chapter of our lives is very enjoyable!


Welcome @cressa!
With your beautiful home, location and gorgeous Zoe, you should have sitters in no time. Your current listing is rather close but the team here can help you boost your listing if needed.
You have every reason to be excited as many of us here have been in your situation and have been very pleasantly surprised and pleased at how enjoyable this chapter can be.
Where are you off to?
I will be in Portugal :crazy_face: but someone will step up for you.
Did I say Zoe is gorgeous?
all the best

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