Under what circumstances can reviews be deleted?

Hi there. Just curious to know guidelines around when reviews can be deleted. For context, I’m not asking regarding my own reviews! But I noticed a review no longer is posted to a profile I reviewed months ago.

Can anyone refer me to already existing info on this (apologies if I overlooked it)? Or is it case-by-case?

Hi @PenniT
Normally, a review cannot be deleted.
The only scenario that I can think of is where there has been a dispute between the HO and the sitter and THS have intervened. So this would be on a case by case basis.


Hi @PenniT your question is one for the Membership Services Team and I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService & @Katie-MembershipServices who will pick this up when they are back online.

Reviews can only be altered or removed at the request and agreement of both sitter and owner and this has to be managed through Membership Services.

Any concerns regarding an individual member’s profile needs to be referred to the Membership Services Team.

I’m going to close this topic if anyone needs clarification I will be happy to discuss via DM.

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