Utah home owner

A friend has been house sitting via this service for a while. He’s settling into his new apartment, so he can’t sit for our dogs when we head off to visit family on the east coast. But there are other sitters! Let’s see!

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@kukula Wishing you a warm welcome to the community forum, it’s lovely to have you here and as you mentioned there are many sitters out there to care for Ginger & Darwin whilst you visit your family on the East Coast.

It’s great to hear that you found THS by recommendation and I can see from your THS home listing link in your forum profile that you have one application already! As your dates are not until September you have lots of time to find a sitter.

I am sure that other forum members will view your listing and give you feedback and tips!

Here are a couple of blog posts that might be handy for you in the meantime:

Another useful tip is to use the spyglass on the forum to read previously discussed topics. If you type in the word Video there are several posts about the initial video calls with applicants which can be a helpful tool.

Good Luck on finding your first sitters :slight_smile: