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Wondering if there’s a way to received notifications that your sitter profile has been viewed? Thank you!

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@trainersusan curious what information you’d hope to gain from that?

Are you just hoping to see if your profile is getting traffic in general?

Are you hoping to have HO invite you to sit for them?

I’m not sure having numbers of views/visits would be much help in any other way. As a HO (new to the site) we have been reading profiles here and there to get an idea of the type of sitter we’d be looking for and what information is given in some profiles that would be helpful to know when we receive applications.

Generally as a HO we have viewed those who have saved our listing, to gain information as stated above, but we aren’t really looking to invite sitters. We feel if someone is interested they will apply.

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Hi @trainersusan,

Welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. There isn’t a function to receive notifications for when your sitter profile has been viewed. However, we do have the function for both HO’s and Sitters to “favorite,” the little heart icon in the top right corner of a profile. Every time a HO or a Sitter receives a “save” someone has favorited their listing. The member will receive an email letting them know someone has saved their listing or profile that helps both sitters and HO’s know who is truly interested in them.

I hope this helps! The Forum is a wealth of information and almost all topics THS have been discussed if you put in any keyword in the eyeglass search bar in the upper right corner it will show you what other topics with the same keywords have been discussed. Where would you be most interested in finding a sit?

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your reply. Just curious about how the platform works, and that is super helpful!

Sitters get notified if a HO has saved their listing? I don’t think this is right because I wasn’t notified when two previous sits saved my profile. I wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t told me.


@Kelly-Moderator, having a combined membership I tested what you had put about HO’s favouriting a sitter and an email being sent to the sitter re this with @Snowbird. She received no email and no indication that I had favourited her.

Hi @temba,

Sorry I don’t think I was clear in what I was attempting to communicate. As a HO when a sitter decided to favorite my listing I get an email. In that email is says something like: “Three new sitters just saved your listing.” I don’t get to see their names in that email. When I click on who has saved my listing it takes me to a page of every member that has saved my listing. What I don’t know is if those members that have saved my listing are there in chronological order…maybe @Therese-Moderator can give us some insight on that.

I had also assumed that when a HO saves a sitters profile that they receive the same sort of email message since this is listed feature for standard and premium membership plans. So if a member has a basic plan they won’t be able to see who has saved their listing.

I hope this help clear things up! Please feel free to let me or any other moderator know if you’ve got more questions.

Thanks @Kelly-Moderator for responding. I fully understand about HO’s with Standard or Premium ( or in my case, Classic) memberships able to see who has favourited their listing. As far as I am aware, that process is not reciprocated for sitters so I hope @Therese-Moderator can clarify it for members.

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Yes sorry if it sounded like I was saying it was the same for both HO’s and sitters. I had just assumed it was the same. I too have a combined membership and I can’t remember if it was listed as a feature for the “sitter” side of the membership…but I thought it had. Yes, hopefully @Therese-Moderator can help clear this up for me too as I would like to know for certain.

As far as I know sitters do not get notifications when a homeowner favourites them.
When a sitter favourites a homeowner it would be useful for the homeowner to know which sitter it was (in chronological order).
I have made a point of unfavouriting sits as my preferences and circumstances have changed over time.

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Hi @temba, As you correctly mention HO with those memberships, can see who ‘favourited’ their listings. Sitters cannot see if a HO favours them. As @Twitcher mentions, the list is not in chronological order at the moment, but the tech team are fully aware of the concerns raised by members on this point. Thanks @Kelly-Moderator


Since I started this thread :slightly_smiling_face:… it would be wonderful to know when a sitter’s profile is favorited. It’s just helpful feedback about the profile.

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I will certainly pass this on to our product team.