What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

@Karen_E well there you go! My most humble and sincere apologies. That is very good to hear, thanks for clarifying! I take it all back :raised_hands:


What a great way to handle those who don’t respond! Kudos!

Hi all - I’m sure this has been mentioned in one of the other 422 responses, but I haven’t seen it yet. I would like to be able to cross-reference my favorites with sitters/homeowners who have saved us as a favorite. It might make things easier for us to ‘find’ each other!

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An easier way would be to have a section on the forum, with suggestions and proposals, with individual threads. That way things would be more organized, and also more accessible for the product team I think.

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@Karen_E @Ben-ProductManager

I would like to know about the suggestions on this thread that have been implemented- that would be a great feature in Trusted Times and demonstrate how TrustedHouseSitters listens to its members suggestions .


I would like it to be possible to find the TrustedHouseSitters support email address on the website. I do not want to use the chat box feature.

@cat.tails it used to be easy to find but recently I was looking and could not find it. I had it saved from a previous inquiry and was able to contact the help desk that way.
Chat box was useless

@Silversitters Great minds must be thinking alike as this is one of the projects that we are currently looking into. :smiling_face: Thank you for also suggesting it and that is a great idea about the Trusted Times, we will look into ways we can best share this.

I’ve thought of some more…

  • ability to block users
  • bulk invite for new sit dates sent out to any sitter who has favourited your listing
  • better use flow for review process so that there’s less fear of retaliation (review only gets posted at same time when both people have submitted…if after x amount of time one party does not submit, review window closes AND only responses to the other review can be added so that each person gets a chance to post a true first impression and then from there, you can only see afterthoughts)

I would like to see the listings dated with the original date that the Sit was posted.

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