What happens if before the confirmed petsit starts, the host does not renew membership?

I have a sit confirmed a couple months ago that doesn’t start til December. The host did not renew their membership but says they still want us to petsit. Questions if anyone knows:

Will my premium member benefits like hotel reimbursement if they cancel at the last minute still apply?

Can they still review me since we agreed when they had an active membership

Anything else I should be thinking about?

My understanding is you won’t be able to use any benefits and you won’t be able to get a review. In a way the sit is “off the books” as they are no longer a THS member. If it was me, if they are not planning to renew I will back out of the sit.

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Regarding a review, they won’t be able to review but you can have them do a reference that will show up below your reviews.

Hmm, I guess I can see where they are coming from trying to save money since they already made arrangements with me but I don’t want to take off the books type of sits. I want all of my benefits to remain intact. I’ve reached out to them to see if they are planning on renewing. Thx for the info

I think @123ForumUser is spot on. No benefits, no THs support and no review if they’re not active members. Sounds disingenuous to be honest that they’re doing it after the confirmation. Best of luck sorting it @IHeartAnimals :crossed_fingers:t3:

The sit hasn’t even started and they’re already violating the terms of service. They want to avoid paying the membership fee, still get the free pet care, and save money not paying a non-TH sitter. They’re telling you what kind of people they are. Listen.

5.2. The following applies only to Pet Parents. You will:

5.2.14. ensure that all Sits will be completed within your current membership term (unless we have given you written permission otherwise, however please be aware that this could involve additional costs);


Another thought. They should consider the cost of paying for house and pet care. Depending on the number of pets, it could cost $100 a day, even more. Compare that to the cost of THS membership. That’s the choice they have.

I would tell them unless they restart their membership immediately, you will have no choice but to cancel the sit.


@IHeartAnimals I am interested to know if this sit is still showing on your THS dashboard? How was the fact that their membership has expired communicated to you ?

If the homeowner is no longer a member you won’t be covered by THS at all - so at this stage there is no confirmed sit .

If you wish to go ahead you would be doing this as a private arrangement.

In addition to not being covered by THS insurance if they cancel the sit; you will not

  • have access to the THS vet advice line.
  • be covered by the THS Home and Contents Protection ( Property damage / Public liability — In case the you have an accident in and around the property.)

They also will not be any code of conduct to hold them to ( third party policy - cameras, curtailing of sit etc )

They could renew just before your sit , & invite you so that the sit is covered but if they are that worried about saving a few £s/ $s how will they deal with other money issues that might arise , like reimbursement of vet bills etc ?

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@Silversitters on the dashboard, the 1st photo of the listing is there, but how we normally see our upcoming listings isn’t quite the same. And then when you go to the inbox to see the old chats, when you try to click to go to the listing, it just perpetually spins. I did Whatsapp them to see if they plan on renewing just before the sit and they have read my message but no response.

Thank you @meow, I guess 5.214 says it all. I did reach out to member services last night to see what happens and they responded stating the same things as the members here posting-that both parties have to be active members for all the benefits to apply

Yea…this is a hard pass. Cancel that one immediately.

I hope it’s lot your long distance Singapore one @IHeartAnimals :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

@Cuttlefish it sure is our Singapore sit. We’re in Korea at the moment. Luckily I bought refundable tickets to there from Bangkok so we still have time to change course if necessary

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You might offer to pay the membership for them if you value the sit enough.

Darn it, that’s a pain! Hope it gets sorted :heart:

It depends how much you want this sit. Nothing stopping you doing it as a private individual, but you obviously wouldn’t get a reference. I still do sits for our very first sit 10 years ago, who is no longer a member, simply because I love doing it. Up to you.

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I thought I read on another thread about a sitter who had 3 sits planned and didn’t want to auto renew her membership. She was advised that the sits needed to be cancelled and not go ahead at all.

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THS has its guidelines and policies, which theoretically offer you some benefits as a sitter. But you’re a human with free will and control your own time, so there’s nothing keeping you from sitting off THS, if you want to. You can even do that concurrently, like some THS members do — not all of their sits are necessarily on the platform, even when they’re members. Of course, with such sits, you shouldn’t expect any THS support, such as it is.

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@Chrissie that is true. I’ve had some wonderful sits and if they didn’t renew, it would not stop me from watching their wonderful animals

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Nor would you have access to the Welcome Guide, unless they have sent a Word Document with all relevant information.

Another issue would be if the host does not renew during anyone’s house-sit, We would never know, I wonder whether Membership support could retrieve the Welcome Guide and make that available to the sitter