What pets do you have/had

I have two goldfish at the moment named Goldfish 1 and Goldfish 2. They did have names but I can’t remember what me and my daughter ended up agreeing on so it’s a bit of a joke now that we call them 1 and 2. Actually should be called 1 and 4 as a couple died in between 1 and 4. ha

Had a couple of miniature yorkies but the Mrs took them when we split a bit ago. Still see them from time to time.

Always had collies when I was young. Used to teach them all sorts. Play with them for hours. Very intelligent dogs. Parents used to always overfeed them and they, unfortunately, got fat no matter how much I used to walk them. The barrel on the legs they looked like. Never died to anything related to that luckily as I did use to walk them and play with them a lot still, both got old and ended up with cancerous tumours so had to be put to rest.

Love any animals and would have a small farm if I had the money and time.


Interesting question. I recently made a list of all the animals I’ve had in my life, including the ones I had as a child growing up.

So far I’ve had:

10 cats
10 dogs
4 service dogs
2 cows
7 sheep
50 chickens
2 hamsters
1 gecko
Many goldfish

And so far over 15 housesits, we looked after:

17 dogs
3 cats
24 chickens
2 rabbits
6 sheep
2 ducks
4 alpacas


Great question, during my life I’ve been lucky enough to have had so many animals, including numerous guinea pigs, goldfish, koi carp, cats, dogs, chickens, too many ferrets to count, shire horses, ponies and dogs, including working border collies when I was a farmer’s wife……I’ll be completely mown down by feet and hooves when I get to the rainbow bridge!

We currently have 3 dogs :blush::+1:


Such a great question @jasmine44 … I did have to dig deep into the tunnel that is my memory but I think I’ve accounted for MOST of the very special creatures who have made my life better than it would have been without them … especially as a child.

Some of these pets were my children’s …

Many cats, latest being Mitten my Grandcat
Numerous dogs including -
An amazing and incredibly loyal GSD
3 Mixed Breed rescues
1 Collie
6 Springers, including Holly my heart dog
Numerous birds, canaries & budgies
3 tortoise
6 rabbits
4 horses
2 ponies
12 chickens
4 hamsters

(and more besides I’m sure)

Add to those:
Numerous pets through THS including
3 Kune Kune pigs
Flock of rescue sheep
Guinea pigs

No I’m not going to post every pet pic I have (over 4,000) but here’s a few including Holly (she’s the one with the teddy)








@jasmine44, what a great quiz for our brains! I have been racking mine trying to remember all my furbabies over the years, and think I have come up with a list that seems close:

1 cow
1 goat
5 chickens
3 cats (before I realized I was allergic)
14 dogs
2 fish
1 turtle
1 frog
2 rabbits

Wow, didn’t think it was that many until now! Thanks for making the memories come back to me!


Thomas (the Tank) one of the wonderful shire horses that I used to have.


Thanks, everyone for such kind replies:) Helped me a lot

Cats, cats and cats! Can you tell I love cats! Plus small furry creatures when the children were young. No longer have any pets because we travel a lot but do some regular family dog sitting

Hello @Furryfriends. Welcome to the forum and all the fun conversations we have here. So you’re a cat lover, eh? You’re in good company here on the forum, as there are lots of cat loving sitters and owners in our midst. Do you have any pictures of your most recent cats or the family dog(s) you could share with us?