Where is the most dog friendly city or town in the UK?

Before you open the blog post try and guess from the images posted which is the Number One Dog Friendly Town or City In The UK … post your answer as a comment, open the blog post and if you are right give yourself some love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:but DON’T reveal the answer!!!

The results are in, but who will be number one? If you’re looking for a top dog destination to enjoy with your canine companion this summer, you’re in luck!

We reveal the most dog friendly cities in the UK - looking at things like green spaces, number of vets and the number of meet-up groups each city has. Did your dog’s home turf make the list? Read on to find out…

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My guess is Liverpool. Now to go read the article.

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought the first photo was Number one. LOL.

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I don’t know the UK well, only 2nd visit for us, but I’ll guess Brighton and London just from looking at the pictures.

After reading article-got one right-Brighton!

hee hee missed one!
Know those boys and that pier anywhere :hearts:
Stayed at the Adelphi and took the fam to see the fab Paul in concert on the Mersey.
Nice one.


Liverpool, Brighton, London

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1985? We saw him in Glasgow. Still the best concert ever.


add about 15 years :slight_smile: Seen him lots :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:
great stories we will have to share over a pint one day


Gotta say, I do see far more dogs in/around Manchester city centre than I ever used to. (Partly because there’s an increase in actual people living in the city centre - previously it was mainly businesses and people lived ‘around’ the centre.)

I didn’t know the last one either.