Writing Homeowner Feedback First

Hi, under my last sit there is a tab to request the H.O to write a review, but I don’t see a way to write the H.O. feed back.
Do you have to wait for them to write one first?
Would you put a tab on the website and App next to Request a review that says H.O. feedback to make it clear and simple to get to?
Thanks, Kate

Hi @katybjork this post from our website Help Centre will walk you through the process, if still uncertain @Therese-Moderator can help when she is back online

Thank you Angela

I guess it is more appropriate for the What do you want to see on the site, page.
Most new people don’t even know you Can leave feedback for the homeowner and it would be great to have a HO Feedback tab right next to the one that says, Request a review.