Your Top 3 European Cities?

Now we are based in Europe again after spending years traveling and house sitting all over the world… we are thinking of where our travels might take us by car or short flights next year.

Would love to know your 3 top Euro city destinations for travel or house sitting, and why they made your top pick. Photos welcome!!


Welcome inside our latest travel feature.

My husband is a Petroleum Engineer (retired) which took us all over the world and one of my favorite postings was to Italy …

My top three(ish) Italian cities

City #1 … Bologna famous for Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan - and the Ferrari & Lamborghini Machines

City #2 Ravenna Mosaics in Ravenna

City #3 Venice of course … Venice and its Lagoon - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

and City #Equal First :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: LOVE Florence Historic Centre of Florence - UNESCO World Heritage Centre



In no particular order

Lisbon: love the maritime history, the fado, the mix of old & new

Berlin: for its alternative, anything-goes vibe, mixed with massive history

Paris, because, well… Paris :heart:


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity I realise that I have visited very few Italian cities! I do think your #3 may be Venice.

Did you make a Cheese Parmigiano tour around Modena ?
Church in Ravenne ?
VENISE (carnaval MASKS which can be sold elsewhere of course )
Florence (i forgot the name of that church)

A full house @Candide :blush::clap: we lived in Ravenna and feel very fortunate to have experienced “living like a local” in Italy :it:

Now it’s you turn, which are your top three Euro cities?

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It is indeed Venice @Debbie although as @Candide says the masks are available in many other places …

What are your three top cities in Europe?

Well I make things more complicate as these are not typical monuments

help : the first is a capital for sure less famous for its canals than Amsterdam
the other town (not a capital this time) is famous for its corridas, its cathedral which used to be a muslim mosquée
the third european capital for its art nouveau buildings

They are for different reasons my favorite europeans towns

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@Els … Berlin is one of my favourite cities too … but not in winter :slight_smile:

Keep seeing Lisbon on friend’s Facebook pages and it’s high on our list… I can’t believe I’ve still never made it to mainland Portugal! That’s high on the list for next year!

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Hi @Vanessa. Here are three of my favorites. Can anyone guess where they are?

Although I wouldn’t go right now…

Great for walking up and down hills!

A beautiful city but not great if you’re looking for warm winter temps

Can anyone guess where they are?


@Karen: 2nd pic is Porto. Great city, isn’t it? We were lucky to house sit there for 5 weeks last year

@Karen-Moderator The 1st photo is St. Petersburg. I visited in 1985 and a trip was planned for 2020 and due to covid it was cancelled. And I hope to return

Hi @Els. Yes, Porto it is. I love that city :heart: You house sat there for 5 weeks?! I’m so jealous!

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Yes! @Flora. St Petersburg. Another beautiful city. We spent ten days there in Oct 2010 and loved it. I hope you get back there one of these days.

Wait…1985? Before the “iron curtain” opened? That must have been quite the experience. What was that like?

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Is the 3rd pic Vienne in Austria ?
i like Porto too

Yes indeed @Candide. I’m impressed! I thought I might have to add another picture before someone would identify it. Great job! Have you been there recently?

The picture in my original post is of the 16th-century pulpit of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of Austria’s most popular attractions. Here’s a picture of the cathedral more people will probably recognize:


@Karen-Moderator, agreed I was impressed with @Candide identifying Ravenna :wink: Mosaics in Ravenna

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I take photos everywhere, we have traveled a lot in Europe being french

I hesitated between Vienna and Prague (Praha), looked at some photographs. Found similar

st étienne détail

we were in Vienne (Wien) for the re-opening of the Albertina museum to see a great exhibition on Albert Durer

My photos on Porto were taken at night, hard to see the similarities…

The answers to my questions are London (little Venice) Sevilla (la Giralda is drawn on the toro) and Brussels


Great question. Hard to narrow it down to just 3 but I’ll have a good go. I loved Geneva and my house sit there. The lake is beautiful and it’s just so fabulously clean everywhere. The only downside is it’s very expensive but still, it’s well worth a visit.

I also love Prague and Vienna for the beautiful old architecture and their character. The lovely old street lanterns in Prague lit up in the early evening give the stroll along the river a lovely atmosphere.

Plus, Prague served up the best hot chocolate I think I’ve ever had in my life so it became an instant hit with me for that reason alone!!! I also loved Helsinki and would really love to go back there one day.