App vs Website Differences

@Wetravel As @WanderingAmber mentions regarding the saved searches and this is correct. It is probably best to create your saved searches on your App as these create instant notifications.

One of the notable differences between the website and the App is ‘Favourites’ These are probably better displayed on the App, as they display as a complete listing and easy to scroll through.

I will mention to our tech team the photo caption being available on the website as well. Apologies for this inconvenience in the meantime.

Currently searches on the website and app work two different ways which NEED to be changed

A saved search created on the phone app gets notice of matches faster than done online. I got a match on my phone app yesterday and received an alert on my phone. I never got an email about the match. Change this so both work the same.

We can only see picture captions for listings on the phone app. So, if I find a listing on my computer, I then have to open my phone app to see if the pictures have any captions. Make it so we see the captions on both. Note: this request has been out there for over a year now from other members!

There may be other differences between phone app and website searches but if there are I’m not aware of them as they are not disclosed - neither of the previous ones I mentioned are!

What other ideas do you have for improving searches and saving them?

@Wetravel To answer your point about differences you may not be aware of, you may want to view this post. Keep in mind some things may have changed, as it was started in July of 2021.

September 16 note: the post above mine was originally a separate post when I replied. It was later merged into this one, which was the ‘this post’ mentioned.

Link isn’t in your post @Snowbird :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’ve discovered another glitch.

I applied for a sit, I believe I was on the app at the time.

I can see my message and “applied for” check that it was read. I went to retract my application and the system is asking me to apply. I have not received a rejection, so I don’t know what’s going on.

@DMJ Oh it’s because the post ahead of mine was originally its own separate post and was later merged into this one, after I replied. I then edited it, but not well enough to make sense. Oops :roll_eyes: Sorry for the confusion. I’ll edit it again next.

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@katie If this is still the case, please send an email to our membership services so we can have a look into this further.
Best wishes