Different versions of the Trusted Times Newsletter being emailed to owners and sitters

@Therese-Moderator can you please explain why there are at least 3 different versions of the newsletter being sent out?

Hi @Crookie
Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this, but will check with our marketing team and come back to you.

I am a Canadian sitter. I received the newsletter shortly after noon hour here and it was the version with updates to the application process.

HI @LizBCN @Lieve could you please let me know if you have received your Newsletters or not?

Thank you

Member communications are staggered depending on time zones.

Hi Angela

Yes it has come through now. Sorry for being too impatient - I didn’t realise about the time zones staggering!


Hi @Crookie
I have received the information regarding your question.
There will always be different versions of the newsletter as we send it in 3 batches and each will have slightly different content depending on location.
Having members worldwide, we always try to make the newsletter as relevant as possible to each member. For example, we show content that is relevant to members in their time zones and that reflects their season, and activity patterns as well.
I hope this helps explain a little better.
Best wishes

Hello Angela

Yes I did received it.

Kind regards


Hi @Therese-Moderator. I’ve read your response to Crookie but it still doesn’t make sense. She and I are both in Australia but received different newsletter content, mine not mentioning the Five Application Pause at all. This significant change to all members should have been explained in every version of the newsletter and I hope you would be so kind as to convey this to the marketing team. As one of thousands of international sitters affected by the new change, it was disappointing my Trusted Times only contained lighthearted content with no reference to it at all. From the explanation by the marketing team of why there are different versions, I feel very undervalued as a member.


I received the newsletter in Canada yesterday, October 11. That is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and that day was a national holiday across Canada. One of the main articles in that newsletter was on finding sits for Thanksgiving weekend. No doubt this was geared to the US market, as Americans celebrate Thanksgiving late November.

It struck me as a reminder of how much focus is being given by TrustedHousesitters to the US market. Astute marketers/writers could have at least included one sentence to acknowledge the Canadian members who were celebrating Thanksgiving that day. Your writers fell short on being inclusive to those in the location they were supposedly addressing. :frowning_face:


Hi @temba @Snowbird
Thank you. I will pass both your messages on to marketing.

@Therese-Moderator this makes no sense. THS is a worlwide organisation, the information is relevant no matter where a member is located. It doesn’t explain why the pausing at 5 applications is explained in depth in some newsletter versions but not in others. Can you please explain this why this is.


Hi @Crookie @Therese-Moderator has gone offline and so I will pick this up after consulting with our CRM Team …

As we said previously, the monthly newsletters always have multiple versions, and this can vary for members living in the same country, there are multiple factors involved which influence the messaging and the send.

"For this month’s newsletter, and the pausing message, we got even more granular with our data, as there were some that this would be less relevant for, like those members who joined after Pausing Applications. However, with the amount of data we hold and the variations across our membership there will always be some anomalies.

For any members who didn’t receive the update via a newsletter, we have been amending other communications along the way so they’re made aware of the process at the relevant time. For example, our welcome email and ‘listing approved’ email"

Communication across our membership is complex and our CRM team continuously strive to make everything, interesting, relevant and as personal as they possibly can to engage all of our members.

Thanks to Emily our CRM Manager for taking the time to explain some of the complexities.

This newsletter is new to me, been a member for a few years now and never received one. I think I received one years back but certainly none in the past year or so. Any reason for this???

Perhaps the CRM Team can have a look at what caused me to receive the “teaching your granny to suck eggs” version @Angela-HeadOfCommunity? It was incredibly boring with articles like “What is a handover?” Another article also seemed more tailored for new members or even those who have not yet purchased a membership. Shame as it is usually an enjoyable read.

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Hi @Debbie I will pass along your comment … Would you DM me your “edition” please?

@Debbie @Angela-HeadOfCommunity Yes, I also received the handover one too - after eight years as a sitter with TrustedHousesitters. Add to that an article on sits in Europe, when I’m at least 6 hours behind in time zones (likely to be paused by the time I wake up), and the focus on the US Thanksgiving I’ve already mentioned in a different post. Well, that email quickly went into my trash. I must admit I rarely read any of it though, as I don’t find it particularly interesting or useful. :yawning_face:


I got mine and it had info about the new Pause feature.

"After a successful, 9-week test period, we’re rolling out a new and improved way for owners to manage their applications! The new process works by temporarily pausing an owner’s listing if it receives 5 applications - meaning owners are now more responsive to sitter applications than ever before.

And that’s not all - following our test, sitter success is at an all-time high, and new member success is the highest this year! This new process ensures a greater, more even distribution of applications across the platform - all while maintaining the same, top-notch quality of pet care that our members (and their pets) expect.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing you need to do - this is just an FYI. But, if you have any questions about the new process, you can check out our handy FAQs by clicking the button below."

And then a link to the full information.

Hi @ziggy I see you had unsubscribed yourself (this would be done at the bottom of the original email), so I have re-subscribed you again.
You should start to receive communications going forward. Please do contact Support if you experiencing any further issues, as they are always happy to help.
Best Wishes

Thank you, Therese. I checked that and thought it said I was subscribed but I must not have looked in the right place. Appreciate your assistance.

FYI: I just received an email this morning November 6, 2022, with the subject heading:
“The Trusted Times | Your Monthly Newsletter”. The content was just fluff.