Discover The World Through A Pet's Eyes

Have you ever wondered what your pet really sees when they look at you? Or how they perceive their favorite walking route? What about the color of their favorite toy?

Discover how your pet sees the world with this interactive tool

This TrustedHousesitters interactive tool uses technology that allows humans to discover how their furry (or feathered) friend sees everyday life. You can upload a personal photo and compare how a human’s vision differs from the vision of common pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits.


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity I just tried this on Instagram, really interesting to see how they see, so to speak! :cat::dog::bird::rabbit::blush:

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity this is absolutely fascinating!


The difference between how cats and dogs see is interesting. I can understand that birds really do pick up the colour.

How does your dog see the world? Interactive tool reveals how your pets perceive their surroundings - with some even seeing colours we can’t see

  • An interactive tool can transform your photos into how your pet would see them
  • It places filters over them to recreate the vision of dogs, cats, rabbits and birds
  • Dogs only see two colours, but birds can see them all as well as ultraviolet light

Have you tried looking at the world from your pet’s eyes yet? :dog: :heart_eyes_cat:


This is a fantastic demonstration, as I remember being told that if you buy green dog toys and throw them onto grass they just see brown grass and a brown toy. I was recommended to buy blue toys instead. Although I guess their nose more than makes up for it!


How cool! I primarily work with dogs and cats so I’ve never thought about it from a bird or rabbit perspective. Thanks for sharing.