Ellen and Tommy say, "Hi, Y'all" from Central Texas

We live in Sun City in Georgetown, Texas, just a short distance north of Austin. We just registered and are looking for house/dog sitters Our sweet dog, Lucy, will be so excited to meet you and spend some time with you. She loves to walk and explore the beautiful walking and hiking trails here is Central Texas.

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Welcome, @EllenTommy!

Dates aren’t allowed in posts, sadly. What people do is put their TH listing in their forum profile. See:

After you’ve done that, feel free to reply here. Then more members can give feedback, to help you find some great sitter matches!

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Hi @EllenTommy. Welcome to our community! Thanks for introducing yourself. It’s always great to meet our newest members.

Are you a native Texan? My husband’s family all live in a little place called Kilgore, in east Texas (Somehow dear hubby escaped. :rofl: Probably an early sign of his love of travel.) You may have heard of it. I understand the Kilgore Rangerettes are fairly famous in Texas.

Anyway, welcome to our community! We’re glad you joined us.