Hello from Hammondsport, NYS!

I’ve been a member of Trusted House sitters for almost 2 years now, but am new to this forum. I am really struggling this year to find a sitter and wondered if anyone had any advice or ideas to help? I’d appreciate your input, lovely people!



Hi Miranda! I’m in Wellsboro, PA visiting my mom. We are very interested in joining THS and are wondering how easy it is to find a house sitting opportunity?

Hi @MGJ Glad to see you on the forum!
It might help you generate interest for your sit if you add a link to your HO profile here. Check out the instructions:

I’m sorry I can’t do this because I’m already booked for another sit, but I’ll say to fellow members, I know Hammondsport — it’s an adorable small town in New York’s Finger Lakes. There’s history, natural beauty and wineries all around. I’d be jumping at this one if I were available.
Good luck, Miranda!


@MGJ Maybe add NY finger lakes in the heading.


Miranda, @ExploreDreamDiscover has a good suggestion about selling the location in your title. Maybe something like Historic Home in New York’s Finger Lakes/Wine Trail Region.
Also, if you’re open to families sitting, you could say that. That might increase the pool.


Hi @TreeandDoug, if you have a good background (meaning animal care experience) and put together a good profile with references and details of your experience, you should have considerable luck. There appears to be more sits than sitters right now, but the best approach is to start out with shorter, more local sits before trying to snag that big loft in New York or Paris with an independent cat.

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I’m not a sitter but there are lots of opportunities on the site so I imagine it won’t be too difficult!


Thanks! I’m excited and hopeful. :sunflower:

Thanks Edith!! I’ve only applied to two so far, but haven’t heard back.

We will be in the area all next week, staying at a friends house. Just checked your dates, alas we can’t help but I’m sure you’ll find someone


Thanks Elsie! Maybe another time!