Hello from Laura in Denver

Hi my husband and I just recently decided to give Trusted House sitters a go. We live in the Denver area and are empty nesters with children in 2 different states. We love visiting our kids and their pets. We are hopeful this recommended service works for us and allows us to hit the road and spend time with some loved ones.


Hi @Lblodg5 Welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining us from Denver it’s great to have you and kitty Zelder in our community. How did Zelder get her name?

I’ve had a look at your lovely home and Zelder you can add your listing to your Forum profile and share with other members, this link will explain how you can do that

If you have any questions or need help and advice you have come to the right place our community members are both helpful and supportive and experience ranges from new members like yourself to those who have been with THS for years.

Our website blog also has some excellent information on all aspects of your membership like this one How to Find a Pet Sitter: 7 Top Tips | TrustedHousesitters.com

For additional help if needed using the spyglass feature on the forum will help you find conversations on all manner of subjects relating to our unique lifestyle.

Welcome again and enjoy the conversations

Hi Angela,

My kitties name is Zelda like the princess warrior :blush:. We lived in Chattanooga, TN and I had 2 cats, Snowbell and Cosmo and a large Chow mix dog named Kramer, all rescues. I was walking Kramer on his usual walk by the Hixson marina with my neighbor when a little kitten came running at us crying. I was worried Kramer would hurt her so I asked my neighbor to hold the dog while I picked up this adorable kitten. My neighbor told me to put her down because I already had too many pets. I reluctantly agreed and put her down. We started walking back towards home when Zelda started following us crying. My neighbor went back and picked her up and carried her home with us. I tried to find her a home but she ended up staying with us. We have since had to say goodbye to Snowbell (17 yo) Cosmo (19 yo) and Kramer (9 yo due to pancreatic cancer) and Zelda is our last remaining pet. We love her dearly but think she is lonely being the only pet left. We are eager to travel to see our kids but always struggle to find competent sitters that give me peace of mind while out of town. I have a couple people I have met who use your service and have nothing but good things to say about it. They talk about how they have made friends through the process.
We didn’t know what to expect and when we signed up they talked about reviewing multiple applications for sitters. We got one application, not long after posting, and didn’t accept it right away expecting more to come. Unfortunately the applicant pulled out and we have not received any additional applications. I would have accepted her immediately if I had known it’s so difficult to get sitters. I am trying to do everything I can to boost our posting so we don’t have to cancel our trip. I am also searching Rovers and other places to see if I can find a paid sitter so we can still go. I will get a link to our posting on your forum and try to get some better pictures of our yard since it’s a very nice place to hang out. I appreciate any advice you can give me and hope this all works out.


Hi Laura I’ve added the link to your listing into your profile and a picture of Zelder on your post. I see you have 2 applications for your first dates and one for the second …

Forum members can now look at your listing and offer help and feedback. There is still time to find your sitters an you can search and reach out to local sitters often new members are looking to arrange their first sit and get a review … as we advise new members to start locally to begin with.

I’m sure you will get help and advice from other members on the forum.