Hello from me & Ziggy in Glasgow, Scotland (not Montana!)

I’m Andy (and Ziggy) and very new here. Hence why I’m doing this intro! I’m so pleased to have found this resource and look forward to meeting new people and being able to help others out.

How great is it that we can explore the world more knowing those near and dear to us (pets) are in great hands.

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Welcome @Man-About-A-Dog to the wonderful world of house/pet sitting. Make sure you have a good read of the website blogs and forum q & as.
All the very best to you!


This is how you can add your listing/HO profile INTO your Forum profile. Then experienced members can offer feedback if invited to.


How do you complete a profile forum? Are there guidelines about putting in specific information

You link your sitter profile to your forum profile @Karen65 with the instructions that @BonnyinBrighton has added further up the thread :raised_hands:

Hello @Man-About-A-Dog and welcome!

I’ve meet some lovely people and amazing pets being a THS🙂


Hello Andy & Ziggy!

Welcome! I’ve actually been to the Montana Glasgow countless times before I retired. (Freight train engineer).

I’ve also been to your Glasgow once to sit & will return again this summer.
We’re full time sitters for the past 20 months and love it!

Dan & Nan