Hello from Pittsburgh, PA USA

We are HO and next week we will have our first petsitter EVER! We are empty nesters and “parents” of a 4-mo beautiful and super active Goldendoodle. We FaceTime the other day and both agreed it looks like a perfect match. In the past, our sitter had a Goldendoodle of her own. I’m so thankful for this community!!!


Hi @Queen-Mother and welcome to the forum! It is so exciting when you begin with TrustedHousesitters, and honestly, I don’t think you can find another platform any better. We were on the HO side for three years until we lost our precious little girl back in November, but now we have moved to the sitter side…both sides have so much to offer!

Your little girl is beautiful and I am envious of the sitter who gets to stay with her first. She looks like such a snuggle bug!

For future reference you might want to embed your TrustedHousesitters profile here by following How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile, which will give you even more exposure to some of the greatest sitters on Earth!

Happy travels, good luck with your first sitter, and I am going to keep watching for another opportunity down the road to apply for a sit with Khaleesi.

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Welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community forum @Queen-Mother :hugs: I’d love to see some pictures of your golden doodle :heart_eyes: congrats on securing your first sitter, woohoo!

Happy travels!


Hello! First hair cut… she looks like a “new” dog to me!


@Queen-Mother Absolutely adorable!


@Queen-Mother Oh my goodness… she’s so adorable! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: