Hello from Somerset UK

Hello. I live in Street, 3 miles from Glastonbury. We are sitters and owners. Both of us are now retired. We tend to have to get sitters if we want to do a sit, but so far, this has worked out very well ! We also enjoy going to festivals in our camper van.
If any one is near us, it would be great to have a sitter who could do the odd couple of nights.
Looking forward to meeting more people and pets


Hello and a warm welcome to the forum @Petunia - I was in Street just last week doing some factory outlet shopping before our return to France!! My mother lives in Burnham-on-Sea so it’s a popular stop on the way! Will definitely look out for your short sits when next back visiting :slight_smile:

We’d love to hear more about how you co-ordinate your sits and sitters as a combined member. We are seeing more and more owners who have become sitters themselves and this would be an interesting angle for some of our members I’m sure! Do you book your sit first, then your sitters, or the other way around? Having a campervan gives you extra flexibility I’m sure!

Please enjoy connecting in the forum and wishing you all the best, Vanessa and the team

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Hi Petunia, I’m a former Somerset resident and I know it’s a great area so hopefully you’ll get some interested sitters.

You might want to add your home-owner profile to your community forum name so people can ‘see’ you easily:


Hi and Welcome @Petunia :wave:

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Hi Vanessa. We have only sat twice so far, and had plenty of warning for the dates, so booked them and then the sitter.
I was invited to a sit in September but can’t do it. Again because of the long notice , we would have booked the sit and then put out the dates for ourselves.
It is a way of having a holiday now we are retired, if we have nothing planned.

Hi. Thank you. I am not sure how to share my profile link. Could someone walk me through it in words of one sylable please !

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Click on the link above in the message by @Ketch it is a step by step guide on how to add your listing link to your profile here

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Hi @Petunia … thanks for the feedback … It sounds like it’s all about working ahead with plenty of notice!

As @Crookie mentions, if you click on the link in @Ketch’s comment, you’ll see the step by step instructions. If you do get stuck at all, let me know and I’ll add your profile link for you :slight_smile:

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