Hello from the Falkland Islands

Hello my name is Karla

I was born in chile in 2002 and went to live in the Falkland Islands which is a British colony in 2013. My native lenguage is spanish and my second lenguage is english, even though in a couple of years i would have lived in the Falklands for longer that I´ve lived in my born country which could technically make my first lenguage English (If it worked that way).

The Fakland Islands is such a beautiful place to live, its full of wild life and it´s full of some of the most wonderful people, everyone is extremly kind and trustworthy. Here in the Falklands our houses, cars are left open, you can forget your phone in the park and it will still be there by the time you realise that you lost it or it gets taken to the police station so that the police can get in contact with the rightful owner. We are a population of 3000 its pretty easy to find the rightful owner (there are facebook groups that have more 3000 pleople in them.)

Since there is only 3000 and its on the southern hemisphere by the atlantic ocean close to the south of Argentina, the weather is pretty cold and not a lot to do since its only a small city with 3000 pleople, for enternaintment I like to take walks with a nice puffy coat and my dog; her name is mica she is an 9 year old Hunterway (very classic dog for the falklands) She was adopted from one of the local farms when sha was only 3 months old. She used to be very friendly and energetic but now she is as bit old and doesnt like to walk for very long :frowning: so as a family we decided to adopt a little kitten to join our family her name is Albondiga (meatball in english) and what a pair they are, always playing around and causing havock.

I have a lot of expirience with animals since my dog suffers from alergies on her tummy and has to take regular medication for it. The Falkland Islands has great regulation on pets; dogs have to get regularly checked by the government Vetenerian to see if they are fit and healthy and to guide you on what to do if they are showing problems. And people can call the vetenerian if there is suspected abandonment or lack of interest. If the pet owner is abusing the animal (as in physical abuse, malnurishment and not taking it out for walks.)

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Talk to you again soon,

From the Falklands.


Hi @Karla-Aguilera !

Fascinating that you hail from the Falklands! Welcome to the forum.
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As a combined member I don’t think you would have any trouble finding sitters anxious to care for Mica and Abondiga and with your experience caring for animals and your fluency in Spanish, you would have many opportunities, yourself, to sit.

Your photos are beautiful!

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Again, welcome and thanks for joining us!


@Karla-Aguilera welcome to the forum where you will find so many helpful folks ready to guide you through all the steps of becoming a member of this glorious group of pet loving individuals.

As @mars has stated, I don’t think you will have difficulty finding someone to help you with your beautiful babies…they are beautiful and the way you have described the area makes me want to pack my bags and head that way right now! I yearn to find a place that is so safe and full of caring neighbors. You are very fortunate to call the Faulkland’s home.

If you need any help getting your membership to TrustedHousesitters started, please just reach out and any of us will be happy to assist and please do follow @Mars suggestion to add your forum profile once you have signed up!

Good luck and please send more pics.