Hello - New to the Forum

Hi My name is Nickie. I have recently joined Trusted Housesitters as I have two elderly little terriers who will need looking after from time to time.
I live in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.
Lovely to be here


Hello @Nickie1965 it’s lovely to have you and your two little terriers join our community, welcome to the forum. Enjoy being here and connecting with our members from around the world, we cannot wait to meet your two terriers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Angela and the Team

Hi Angela
Thanks so much for your reply. I am hoping to find a housesitter so that I can go and visit my mum for her 90th birthday at the beginning of March. Do you have any advice at all? Do I ask here in the forum or do I need to do something different. I have set up TH account - just wondering if I need to do anything else?


Nickie xx

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HI @Nickie1965 and welcome. I was able to find your listing by narrowing down my search to location and date range, but it would help if you would add your listing to your forum profile. Here are the instructions for that:

You’ve done well at providing details of the home’s location, which is especially helpful for people to know about location of stores or public transportation. Perhaps also add some detail about the home itself. For example, if there are stairs, which may be important to some. I also notice there isn’t a photo of the kitchen and many sitters who enjoy cooking find that important.

As you will be travelling to Spain, perhaps give details on when someone needs to arrive and when you expect to return. It may mean a date either side, depending on times of day for you. If you leave early in the morning, or if you would like the sitters to arrive the day before, you should explain whether you can accommodate someone overnight, and whether you have an additional bathroom in that case. It all helps both the sitter and homeowner assess their comfort level with the planning of things.

I hope all goes well for you and that you enjoy a wonderful time with your mother.

Hi @Nickie1965 I see you have some great advice from @Snowbird and the little ones are adorable, you have detailed everything really well perhaps search sitters and reach to invite and as Snowbird suggest and you listing link to your profile we can also share on Social Media and if this is something you would like please Direct Message me.

Welcome again and let’s do what we can to help you get to see your Mum in Spain …

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Angela and the Team


These pups are precious! :heart::heart:


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and @Snowbird

Thank you both for your advice.

I have now finished my welcome information on the main website with all relevant details.

Forum profile edited to show the page to my profile on the main site.

Am getting a little concerned that I might not find anyone to housesit for me but as I am new to this perhaps this is normal.

Many thanks for both of your helpful posts.

Nickie x

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Hi @Nickie1965 there really is still time so please don’t give up on finding your two little ones new best friends … and do let me know if you would like your listing posted to our Social Media channels.


Hi Angela. Yes. Thanks so much … I might have a friend who can sit but in all honesty not sure how reliable that will be … will find out over this weekend coming …

Will be in touch or if doesn’t work out

I really appreciate everyone’s help so far