Hi from Nijmegen in the Netherlands

I’m Angela, dual Brit/NL and I house and pet sit together with my husband, Frank. We started off home-exchanging in 2007 and started house-sitting in 2016.
Since Covid restricted out house-sitting over the last few summers we moved out of Amsterdam in 2021 and got our own dog. Together we explore the beautiful Waal Valley here in Nijmegen NL.
Tuppence (our dog) is now 9 months old and has already been with us on a house-sit to Haarlem in NL which went really well.
We are now planning a house-sit in England with people we have house-sat for before. They have one large Munsterlander (an absolute sweetie) and a Bengal cat. Tuppence, our mini JRT has not really encountered cats much and we would like to introduce her to cats before we leave. If anyone has any tips on how to do this in a controlled environment then please share them!

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Hi Angela!
I am a brand new house sitter to be. I am wondering if many home owners allow sitters to bring their own pet.

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Hello @comet and I’m sure Angela AKA @Tuppence will give you her feedback on this, but while you wait you may like to read a couple of threads in the forum where this topic has been previously raised. Do you have your own pet you are considering taking with you?

Hi Comet,
It depends very much on the home owner. We know the HOs in question and they are fine with us bringing Tuppence. We had a long Zoom call with new HOs for the summer and they too are fine with Tuppence. They have a young dog themselves so we think they will be a good match.
What I find surprising about THS is there’s no box for owners to tick saying sitters pets not welcome. On most other sites this is a possibility.
So in answer to your question, some HOs do and some don’t, but careful discussions beforehand about suitability are very much recommended! Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you for your kind reply.
Comet gets along with most of dogs even though he is still playful. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask HOs. :grinning: