Hi! From Sheffield, UK

Hi all, I’m new to the forum, and will be looking for a pet sitter for my lovely corgi whilst my partner and I are on honeymoon. Our listing is in our profile.

Any tips on how to improve the advert are very welcome!

Thanks, Maria

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Here’s a lovely picture of Megan - stole my heart in a heartbeat! :heart_eyes:


Hello Maria… Where are you located at? I live in Tucson AZ… if that helps any. Let me know and we’ll speak more about your pride and joy corgi🙋🏼‍♀️
Jacqueline Lawhon.

Hi Jacqueline, we’re in Sheffield, England. if you’re considering a holiday here let me know!


Hi, I am also looking for a July sit (dates in profile). Thought we were unable to post on here? Confused now…. and desperate!!! Have sent over 30 requests out so not for lack of trying!! Help appreciated. Jo

Hello @Maria_with_corgi and @Jo-Andy. You are absolutely correct Jo and this topic has slipped through our moderation so apologies for any confusion. What we would normally do is ask that you make your intro @Maria_with_corgi more general and less “looking for a sitter”, not because we don’t want to help, but because there are important reasons why we don’t duplicate listings across the forum.

There’s a section in the guidelines that talks more about the reasoning for this … I’ll pop a link here so that you and anyone else can have a read, but the main website is the very best place to advertise for sitters to keep everything running smoothly under best practices and with the best support possible.


You can of course put a link to your profile in your forum profile which you’ve done, and that does give some extra exposure.

I will moderate your post and title and we’ll take the date out of the picture post but please @Maria_with_corgi feel free to edit your post with any other info - where are you going on your honeymoon for instance? We’d love to know!

Hopefully you’ll still get some tips which was something else I know you wanted :slight_smile:

Hi @Jo-Andy and thank you for asking. I made that error in posting the dates in the post, not @Maria_with_corgi . I now realize that the initial details posted by the homeowner were under a different post, and therefore not shown here. I mistakenly made that exception because the homeowner was dealing with a late cancellation. No doubt I was also considering that they are going on their honeymoon. Perhaps my heart overruled the rules in that instance, but nevertheless you are correct. The dates have now been removed. My apologies for the error.

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I wouldn’t want you to remove them as like you say they are honeymooners. Good luck to them. Just hope we find someone but are just being declined declined!!! Not looking good. Ever hopeful but time running out!!! Unfortunately may be kennels this time…

Hi @Jo-Andy I see that you’ve done lots of tweaks to your profile, based on listening to forum member feedback a while ago. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out why responses are low. I have two suggestions:

  • Change your first photo, just to refresh your listing. Many sitters are draw to pet photos, and the ‘first class’ one of Tia would certainly draw me in, even though it’s a little fuzzy of her. If you have a clearer one, where she’s looking into the camera, that would be ideal. Make sure the photo is landscape (envelope shape), rather than portrait.

  • Change your headline. This is your first promotional tool and so use it to highlight your key features. You want it to be eye-catching. Perhaps ‘Easy gig & no car needed’. Don’t make it much longer than that as the website really limits how much it displays in the search.

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Hi and thanks for your advice. Had trouble putting the first class picture on as cover pic so took another… what do you think?? I’ve got 15 invitees left… mostly read but no replied to fingers crossed. Thanks again Jo

Hi @Jo-Andy, I’m assuming you have already approached past sitters to see if they’re available?

Hi Temba, yes that was the first thing I did weeks ago but thanks . Jo

Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for your message and your interest of me visiting your country.

If I ever do decide to take a trip there, yes I would Definately inform you.

Have a great weekend.