How early is too early to post a sit vacancy?

I like to plan my holidays and breaks way in advance. I have a sit vacancy for April 2024. I have had zero response. I live in a very popular area (its a tourist hot spot). Is it too soon to post? Should I delete it and start again in a few months time?

It’s definitely not too early. There are always going to be people who do things last minute and others that like to be organised.

As far as I’m concerned I would prefer home owners post as early as possible (especially if we have to book international flights).

We’ve had several sits where we’ve been confirmed more than 12 months in advance.

A suggestion would be to objectively review your post and ask yourself if you could do anything to improve it. From a sitters perspective we want to see photos of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and sitting room that we’ll be using. Make sure the rooms appear clean and uncluttered in the photos.

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A month ago, I posted a sit for the end of February through the beginning of April. I had never posted a sit that early, but most of my trips have been much shorter and more last minute than this upcoming one. I worried I might be posting too early, but I received some wonderful applications and have already confirmed sitters. From my brief experience in posting a sit way in advance, I think it always has to do with location and timing. I think the sitters that like to book early are more of the nomadic sitters who set their schedules up way in advance. I find they tend to like the longer sits as well – how long is your sit? Perhaps it’s not long enough to attract nomadic sitters who like to book up in advance? I am a sitter myself, but not a nomadic one, so I tend to take shorter sits not too far in the future. If your sit is not a long one, perhaps as the date draws closer, you will attract more applications. I’ve heard that if you make little edits to your listing while it’s live, it will bring it back “up to the top”. If that’s not correct, maybe someone can correct me. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find the right sitters.


Hi @Dawn109 there are many sitters on here who as @sledgejoyce mentioned, like to book far in advance but there are also others who prefer to apply much nearer to the sit dates. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing and applying for sits.

I would highly recommend adding your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link and this will then enable others on here to offer you helpful advice and feedback and will also give your listing extra exposure.

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Post. I’m looking :blush:
I have sits into August 2024.

Not too early at all. We’re booked into next summer and are currently looking h to or other sits in Europe for the rest of the summer. As others have suggested, when you link your sit, we can help if we have any suggestions.

I knew this question had been asked before on the forum. This is what my search brought up:

We are sitters and are currently planning our spring/summer 2024. It’s definitely not too early. A lot of our sits are going to be repeats because we enjoyed the pets, owners and the area. But we are definitely looking at new listings in that timeframe already and love when owners post early. To us, it indicates that the owner is a good planner (as are we). The only things I can think of, that might have kept you from getting responses so far, are that the sit is a short one and sitters might not want to commit to that just yet? Or that the photos don’t show enough of the living areas, which makes it hard to get a feel for where a sitter would be staying?

Thanks for all the advice - its been useful


We’re pretty full for next year already, all the way up to October 2024. I’d leave it up. But also, I’d pop your link on here to ask if there’s any problems with the ad that anyone can see.

The only reason we’re not booked beyond that is because we want a specific town in a specific/different country and none have come up as yet.

I’m already looking at 2024, and, I have a booking in April in the UK (I live in the US).

I posted a sit over thanksgiving weeks ago and have gotten zero applications! I know it’s a bit of a ways off but I would think people would be planning ahead for a holiday.

Never too early for us. It’s good to anchor some sits in and then add shorter notice sits. We live in UK so when we cross the channel we like to undertake several sits. We use our own car

Hello @Craige - you could also add your listing to your forum profile (as per the instructions above) and members can give you some tips on attracting more sitters :+1:t3:

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