How private is the forum private messaging system?

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Out of curiosity,

Is the forum private message system genuinely private between the two individuals or is it monitored by yourselves and/or THS?


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Good question. As with many forums, DMs in the THS community can be accessed by Community Managers (i.e. Carla and me).

We totally understand that DMs are generally considered private conversations, but it’s important to remember that our goal is to give our members a safe and respectful environment to chat about all things THS.

Carla and I have the responsibility of making sure that any discussions follow our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. There might be some situations where members report inappropriate content or behaviour within DMs, prompting us to review the conversation. That’s part of our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive space for everyone in the community.

We want to make it really clear that our team takes privacy seriously and we’d only intervene in DMs when there’s a reported violation of the THS guidelines.

That being said, we’d encourage our members to be mindful of their interactions and to use the platform responsibly. :blush:

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Colin, if you want privacy, best to exchange contact info with folks via DMs and then take your conversations off THS.


I now had a somewhat vague and mysterious DM from a moderator that they had been reading my DMs.

Hello @pietkuip As this is a public forum we are unable to discuss individual issues, but if another member reports an issue then the team may investigate that particular DM. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any more information.

Question - Is this legal?

Of course it is not illegal.

And it is not illegal either to read your child’s diary.

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So it sounds like it is definitely morally wrong. But not illegal.

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I think the forum team can help here, as per Jenny’s previous post we only read certain DM’s in very rare cases when it has been brought to our attention and we have a duty of care to investigate. The team can’t discuss individual cases on a public forum but if you have any concerns or questions the forum team are always happy to help via DM.

As a general guide, if you use the forum responsibly and stick to the Terms of Services and Community Guidelines (that every member agrees to), when using any aspects of the forum then then there will be no need for the forum team to reach out to you, other than to say Hello and see how you are getting on with your sitting adventures! :smiling_face:

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