Japan/Korea sits anyone?

Let me know if you need tips for sits in Sydney :grinning:

Thanks for your insight! I am a Korean born Australian and I speak Korean fluently so I will definitely try out my luck with Jeju sits.

You sound like a seasoned sitter :star_struck: where do you normally do your international sits? I have only done sits in Sydney Australia where i live. Let me know if you need tips for sits in Sydney.

@lots in Europe and Asia. And of course the UK. Weve done quite a few in Canada and the Us tto. And 1 in Sydney. But we really only go back to Australia to see family these days. We travel full time but mix house sitting with bicycle touring and backpacking. You can follow our travels if you google Catch Our Travel Bug…we are currently sitting in Hanoi.

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See my previos comment. Trips to Australia are only for family. We try and leave for the next adventure as quickly as possible.

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You can network with expat teachers on THS, Nomador and other sitting platforms. You could also, if you like, join various forums or groups aimed at expat living or travel. I joined some when I traveled abroad for work for extended stretches, for example. Of course, you’d have to raise the topic, that you’d be available for sits. You could share your THS profile, for instance, if group or forum rules allow.

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Yes, definitely a seasoned sitter. My husband and I have been doing this for 10 years and have done international sits all over. Our last big trip abroad was last year for 8 months and we were in Greece, Turkey, UK, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand. Have also done sits in Central America, the Middle East and New Zealand to name a few more. Headed to Costa Rica next month for a 2.5 month sit and hope to get some more in the region and stay through at least the summer. We are originally from the US and do this full time. Happy to offer any tips or answer any questions so just shoot me a message anytime.

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Hello @pkjen81 I have “favorited” homes thru the app and get notifications on my android but no corresponding emails.

Albeit these listing are not your selected countries but the notifications seems to work on my android.

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@pkjen81 I’m from the US and have done a lot of sits in the US. I spent last summer in Europe and did 6 sits there and will be heading back for six months starting in the spring. But I’m thinking I might want to head to Asia from there (if I’m in Europe, I’m already halfway there :grinning:).

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I started following your travel blog. It is chock full of insights and tips! Love Vietnam! I lived in Hanoi for a month for work a while back so i had a wonderful time there. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Hanoi trip.

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We fly to the Philippines on Monday. Then Singapore (housesit) then Thailand (long housesit NOT THS). By jun it will be warm enough for us snowflakes to head north again but well be back in Vietnam/asia later in the year.

Thanks for the useful tips! I will look into Nomodoor and other groups as you suggested :grinning:

Thanks for sharing your experience with notifications. Unfortunately mine (a Samsung phone) doesn’t get any notifications for saved searches nor favourites, on the app, on the website nor emails. I set up everything correctly but not getting any notifications. I wish THS technicians can look into this matter as many sitters also have similar issues with this.

Wow, you are living my dream life! I would love to do what you and your husband are doing. From your experience, other Asian country sits, like Vietnam and Thailand similar to Korea, mainly international school teachers seeking sitters?

Sounds like you are an in-demand sitter with all your international sits. Hope you get to do sits in Asia.

There are others reporting this problem for the android app, I think. There was a thing that the THS app did not show up in lists of apps that could allow notifications.

But the web interface should work. Create a Saved search in the web interface for a country or for an area on the map. That should generate an email once per day. If you don’t see it, check your spam box, check that it is going to the right email address etc. Contact Membership Services to ask if those emails get sent on their side.

The whole thing is a bit confusing because there are two kinds of Saved searches: the ones created in the app and the ones created in the web interface. Those behave differently.

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@pkjen81 there are sits throughout Asia but it’s very competitive - have to upgrade your phone as listings are usually gone within 2 mins so you need to be on your phone all the time. We sit full time currently one month Cambodia, next month one month Samui

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Pre-covid I was fortunate to get a week on Jeju Island, South Korea for a pair of English language teachers at one of the schools (there are 3, I think). It was great as they lived in a house in a subdivision with Korean neighbors and not in the school apartments. All 3 animals had been adopted while they were teaching in Asia, a delightful pup and 2 cats. Had a great time.
Had a 2 week sit in Hong Kong scheduled that would have then lead to an around the world string - HK to Sweden to the UK and back to the US. Then covid hit and that collapsed.
Been on three UK strings, and an Australia string but not been able to get back to Asia but haven’t been able to work it out.

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Quick, there’s a 2-day sit listed in Yokohama :rofl:

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@toml, would you mind sharing details about the amenities and such that your sit offered on Jeju? I see sits there from time to time, but have not applied, because I visited decades ago and it was lovely nature wise, but there was little else. I’ve heard that development has happened there since, but wonder what that actually looks like for a sit.

@Maggie8K - happy to respond. I think there has probably been a lot of development. My sit was for a couple from the US and Canada who taught at the American school, I think. But instead of living in the on-campus apartments they had a house in a fairly new Korean subdivision near Donggwang-Ri in the middle of the island. So I walked the dog with Korean neighbors although we didn’t speak each others’ language.
Lots of museums - a great art museum in Jeju city on the north coast, the contemporary museum surrounded by lots of private galleries inland on the western side of the island, Maze Land - a maze and puzzle museum, the Haenyeo museum on the south coast about the culture of women divers (pretty amazing), and the Korean air and space museum (but not a lot of English language explanations, still very interesting).
Good places to eat and relatively inexpensive, coffee shops. Big grocery store in Seogwipo on the south coast, which was closest to the house I was staying in. I was there in Jan-Feb which is the season for the Korean tangerines as there were many roadside stands with piles of oranges.
I had use of a car so didn’t pay close attention to public transportation but did see a lot of busses and bus stops. I did download the Korean map app (Naver Map) because google maps wasn’t too accurate.
Would love to return for a few weeks but the few sits that are posted do get snapped up quickly.
There are also some tacky things too, I recall a hello kitty theme park that I didn’t go to.
Haneyeo museum

Maze museum

Contemporary museum

Kina the pup at the beach