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On Tuesday my sons and I met up with @pietkuip who is on a housesit not far from where we live. We took Mischief and Nero for a walk along the canal…

…to the pub, which was a little further away than we had thought it was!

Followed by a walk back by a different route in the rain! It was great to chat about all things housesitting, and to try to tire out the dogs!


Thanks @Debbie
It is great to see @pietkuip enjoying his time in England.
However, Mischief and Nero are the stars of these photos


This was so great. And I am especially grateful to @Debbie’s sons.

The HO walks these two labs separately, only in the morning. I did that on Monday morning, and that was no problem. So I tried them together in the afternoon, and that was difficult. At least four or seven times more work. And together, they were not nice towards other dogs, kind of competing against each other, so I gave up on that project.

But the boys wanted a challenge, so I thought: “As you wish and good luck!”

And this went very well !

So I took them yesterday, after the rain had stopped. And then they took a bath!

Great fun! But it would be even nicer if I could have taken them off the leash. So that is what I tried this morning, on a path without anybody else, separately. That went fine. They had good recall, they stayed within sight.

So this evening I took them there together, and let them off the leash. That went great. They were racing each other along that path. And then on the way back, I caught a moment of brotherly sparring:

It is so much more fun this way!


We love these photos @pietkuip ! So nice to see how far the dogs have come in a short time. You can see they are loving the freedom of being off the lead again as they used to do with the HO’s daughter. So much more fun to be playing than eating grass! And much more enjoyable for you too.


We took another walk to the Pilot Inn yesterday, almost the whole way off leash. They went swimming again:

At the pub, we waited for the tall ships:

It is now such a joy to walk with them. Also this morning.

And now they are quietly sleeping next to me on the couch. Such a difference from a week ago when they were hyper and difficult for me to handle!


Hi! :wave:t2: When you say you have a way 2 THS cards…are these cards you’ve made yourself or something available from THS?

Hello @faithlotus

I will just jump on here and help answer this question for you as Angela has moved on to focus on her other roles within TrustedHousesitters which you can read by clicking here

With regards to your question you can find more information on the thread Business card with your profile/listing link

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Sam_F the logo available for download is on the public blog meaning that anyone including non members can download it and create business cards making it appear as if they are THS members . Wouldn’t it be better on an individuals dashboard which isn’t available to the public ?


Hello @Silversitters

That’s a great question and I have passed this on to the Marketing Team and of course I will update you if I receive any feedback from them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A lovely meetup with Pieter and Bonny and Dave in Brighton.


Thank you for a wonderful day! I know a lot more about Brighton now. The Royal Pavillion is quite amazing, it was actually a kind of palace. The interiors were like the palaces of some of those German princes from the period, like Schwerin. And as @BonnyinBrighton explained: they were relatives (married a second cousin from Brunswick, if I remember correctly).


Lovely pics y’ all. Right next to the Royal Pavilion is the Brighton Dome. 50 years ago an unknown at the time Swedish band won Eurovision with the song Waterloo. You may have heard of ABBA. There is a blue commerative plaque celebrating their win.


Love love love your bike!!


We’ve got an exhibition celebrating 50 years since Abba won Eurovision here at the Dome in Brighton. The Dome was the King George IV’s stables haha but was later turned into a venue for music/theatre. As we walked along the seafront we heard Abba being played in various bars, and a singer too at an outside bar with the audience all joining in!


@pietkuip I thought of your recumbent bike on Saturday when we rented this interesting “cycleboat”.

It was quite comfortable once we got used to it!


Sister, Libby, and I enjoyed 5* hospitality when we visited @Smiley for lunch at her sit in Hampshire today. It was great to see her again, the last time being when we were all sitting in the Lake Macquarie area in New South Wales, Australia, in February. After our sumptuous lunch, we walked it off along the banks of the River Alre at New Alresford. Thanks @Smiley for a great day.


@temba , A lovely picture x


Good to see you and Libby enjoying another summer in the UK standing in front of your favourite style of house.

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And dressed in our summer clothes @Itchyfeet :rofl::rofl:


A lovely photo @temba and @Smiley. Good to see you came prepared with your “British summer” clothes!!