New member - pics now or later?

I have just joined. I do not need a sitter until later this year. Do I put up pics of house and descriptions etc now or only when I am ready to advertise for a sitter ?

Welcome @JoJo4 it’s entirely up to you. Some sitters like to confirm sits well in advance .
If they are coming from overseas it gives them more time to book cheaper flight tickets .
We have already confirmed sits in September , October and November .

If your sit is for a holiday season it’s good to make a listing early as there are more sits than sitters over the holiday season -


I’m currently looking for sits in January….

We are currently looking for sits for this winter and next spring

These are two separate things:

  1. Add all details right now of your house in the various sections. Update your forum profile with link to your THS profile if you wish more feedback here.

  2. Add your Sit dates when known.

Well seasoned sitters may look months in advance of travel. A local sitter may be free to respond to a last minute sit.

There are all kinds of Sitters and HomeOwners matching up here. Good luck.

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Advertise it soon, then any sitters who like the look of it will add it to their Favourites, so when you do advertise dates, THS will notify these sitters of its availability.
Good luck

Depending on your location and the time period you need a sitter for I’ll start advertising now. For instance, if you need a sitter for the Christmas holidays you should secure one asap because demand exceeds supply.

Thank you everyone I will get on to this as soon as I can

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