No applicants to petsit :(

I’m a bit worried about getting a sitter. In the past, I’ve received a few applicants within hours of posting… this time nothing and it’s been a few days… please can you tell me if I need to change anything.

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Welcome @Lillipop you sit looks great and I would apply in future but already have a three week sit confirmed for those dates .

I see that you have had a repeat sitter too .

I suggest that you consider updating these three sections of your listing

PHOTOS - add a photo of the bedroom(s) the sitter will be sleeping in and the bathroom thay will be using . Sitters want to see all of these .

ammenities section as currently it only shows wi-fi .

Your listing may have originally been created when there wasn’t many options that could be added in this section ? Now you can add much more information which is really helpful for sitters.

(*In the Ammenities section you can add information such as what size is the bed, is there a fridge , high speed Wi-Fi, a tv , streaming services , a microwave, an oven , freezer, washing machine, dryer, bath or shower or both, parking , toaster, iron, kettle, coffee machine, hairdryer ,saucepans , towels etc)

it’s school holidays ( and you have four bedrooms ) so would you consider accepting a family ? If so there is a section of your listing where you can indicate that your sit is “family-friendly”.


I’ve favourited you for the future as we have family in your area to visit. However I’m away in Jersey for your dates. It’s well worth telling people about the area of Stansted otherwise they might think it’s just an airport rather than a pretty village in beautiful countryside.
Good luck.

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I am a bit worried as well, our sit is been up for a month now and no applicants . I will be editing my listing and see if anything change . Also in the past you could see sitters availability, now I can’t see anything.

Sitter calendars are meaningless as they only show THS sits and not our whole life…. also there’s not much point contacting sitters as they will highly likely have other commitments as many sitters only do a few sits each year, it’s far better to create a truly great listing to attract applications. Experienced sitters will give you great feedback if you add your listing to your forum profile. Use the search box on how to do this.
Best wishes


Hi @Pati

Can you link your listing to your profile here, then members of this group will take a look and offer advice if they have any ideas on how you can improve it.


Hi @Lillipop
Your listing looks great, unfortunately it is a bit last minute so many sitters wantng to sit over those dates will already be booked.
However, have faith, there is still time, and you have a lovely home, I will eat my :cowboy_hat_face: if you get no applications


Hello Lillipop,
We would be available from the 28th to the 3rd of August if that’s helpful.
The only issue for us is that there’s rather limited information on your listing to help us assess the situation we’d be coming into. There aren’t many details about the cat, the house, or the location itself (Is it quiet? Would we need a car? The amenities only list Wi-Fi, but what else would we be able to use? A washing machine and dryer are always important for us. What about the bedrooms, the bed, the bathroom, etc.?). It’s not very comprehensive. Our sitter profile is about five times as long, for comparison.
Additionally, I can only see one review, but from the way you’ve written, I would have thought you’d had several sitters before.

Just a few concerns that I would have when reading your listing…

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@Maria_Mike you are correct there is only one review . However if you look on the THS app you can see that there have been 3 sitters and that the most recent sit was a repeat sitter -( so maybe didn’t see the need to write a second review ) .
You can’t see “missing “ reviews on the webpage - which is why I always use the app to check for this .

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Oh wow, didn’t know that! :dizzy_face:
Well, that’s a huge bug. I sometimes check house sits on the website and often I discarded sits because there were no reviews…

Thanks for letting me know!

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@Maria_Mike Just to clarify - all the reviews show on the webpage so you won’t see any extra reviews on the app .
However what you will be able to see is all the sits that have happened including those where no review was left .( something you can’t see on the webpage )


I’ll eat my hat too @Lillipop :sunglasses: Your home & Pixie look gorgeous. Unfortunately I’ve been booked for those dates for a long time, but maybe one day……


@Lillipop Your home and location look great, and Pixie is a Burmese, one of our favourite cat breeds.

I agree with others that I’d like to see photos of the bedroom(s) available to the sitter, and also more information in the Amenities section. Bed sizes can be important to some.

Another thing to include is whether Pixie goes outside, or whether she is an indoor cat. Some sitters may prefer indoor cats, others prefer cats that access the outdoors. Some are happy with either!

You are a family of 4, so if you c are willing to accommodate a family, consider adding the family friendly tag, and photos of all bedrooms available. Burmese are very sociable and affectionate, and if Pixie is used to having attention from all the family, she might enjoy a family of pet sitters!


Thank you Debbie - very good points which I hadn’t considered

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Thanks so much for the valuable advice. Ive tweaked my post.

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