@JackieX thanks for letting me know. I understand with travel plans, so maybe another time. :wink: Kind regards Therese


Hello everyone. My name is Sheryl Thierry and I live in Vancouver, Washington. I will be travelling to Portugal and Spain from Sept 2022 - November 2022 or perhaps longer. I recently retired and am hoping to combined my love of travel and pets with the opportunities to meet new people all over the world. I will be scheduling my upcoming trip based on house/pet sitting gigs I can arrange. If you have an pointers on how my applications will get notice please share. I am experienced with pets through my work fostering dogs for the local humane society. I am experienced traveler as well and looking forward to exploring the world.

Thank you!


Start here!

I will be there on the 11th! Leaving one week from today!
Taking the scenic route… Columbia, SC to Atlanta, then Detroit, then Paris, then Lisbon.
Stay tuned.


Welcome, @sherylthierry! I just got back to Canada on Monday after spending three months in Spain and Portugal and already can’t wait to go back!


Thank you for the link. I am following so many blogs that my head is spinning but it’s all good info. I am grateful to have some much free time to explore. Enjoy your upcoming trip. I look forward to reading out it here.

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Ugh, how awful. But may the flight connection gods smile upon you.

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Obrigada amiga! I will be smiling and sparkly eyed no matter how long it takes!

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I have arrived!


Nazare halfway between Lisbon and Porto was very cool.

Also, we like to stay in the less busy non-touristy towns and spent 3 nights in Salema on the south coast. It was April and had lovely beach, hardly anyone there, easy drive to Sagres and other nearby sights.


I wrote 6 blog posts about travelling in Portugal.

Links can be found here if you want to skim through and see if you find any useful info.

Scroll down to 2017.


I wish I was in Portugal … :wink:

Enjoy @Amparo


But you’re in California, Angela, and I’m in Niagara Falls, Canada, where we have a weather advisory, and it’s not for heat :sun_with_face: and humidity :sweat:, I can assure you. Just put on your :sunglasses: and enjoy, and I’ll consider building a :snowman_with_snow:.

Clocks spring forward here this weekend :timer_clock:. I hope it’s a sign of spring too :tulip:. I’m so ready for it. :sunglasses:


Wow! Nice hotel! Where are you?

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Lutecia Smart Design Hotel in Lisbon
Full service most excellent. Highly recommend @Smiley
Staff were on point!


Coimbra was the first capital of Portugal :portugal:.
It is centrally located with easy access to public transportation, bus or train to Lisbon and Porto. (2 hrs avg). It is known as a university town as it is here you find Universidad Coimbra the largest University in Portugal offering professional studies up to doctoral levels or short online courses. Open to residents and non-residents.

Studying here qualifies for student visa for the duration of your program. Trumps Schengen :smiley:
All the streets are cobblestone and the area has very steep hills. Very quiet, peaceful. Lots of shops, restaurants, mini marts, public transportation, taxi and Uber.
Super clean!
And yes, I am between sits till 9 April. Saw two cats wandering and a couple of gorgeous dogs in the plaza.


Will you be housesitting in Portugal then?

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I will be home and pet sitting in London and Wales for friends and cats I met when I first started pet sitting! Haven’t seen any of them since 2020!
We are all looking forward to this.


Hi, It’s me again. I have been frantically trying to plan my travels this spring-summer. I will be in Spain May 9th and will be done June 14th. I was wondering if testing is required to enter Portugal from Spain. Not successful in finding housesits in Portugal yet. The Ukraine situation is not helping but I am committed to go to rope now. Also concerned with travel now. Did you encountered airline delays? I need your help because my brain hurts from trying to navigate it all. Do you have any housing, airlines suggestions in Porto, Lisbon? Thank you for any advice. evag008

Hi @evag008
Stay calm and breathe deeply. Tackle each step of the process one at a time.
All requirements for Portuguese entry can be found here on the official government website.

Requirements vary depending on your nationality and where you are travelling from and through.
I was not able to find sits in Portugal either that fit the dates of my travel and I was prepared for that and I have to say I am quite satisfied with how it all worked out.
Travel from Spain into Portugal is not complicated at all and there are several options that you can tailor to your budget.
Most major airlines have service from Spain to Portugal such as TAP & British Airways
Budget no frills airlines: EasyJet and Ryan Air
There are trains and buses as well. You have to do some researching.
Rome2rio has a decent range of suggestions

I have been sharing my travel experiences in this thread
It was not without its challenges and the only flight that was delayed was the last one, Paris to Lisbon by 45 minutes because someone’s luggage had yet to make it on board. The Paris airport, from my experience is to be avoided if possible. People were great but it seemed a bit chaotic.
Don’t as yet know much about Porto because frankly it doesn’t interest me as much anymore. I like to travel slowly and relish the time in the places I am in. I’m not much for rushing around trying to see everything.
I found my apartment on AirBnB after a very long time searching and saving, and deciding.
In Lisbon, many of my AirBnB saves quickly got booked. It is a desirable popular place but there are numerous places and transportation is very easy via bus and train. I went with a bit of an upscale hotel for my first night in Lisbon. I will be returning and staying in Lisboa for a week before my return to the US. I have still to plan that out fully.
Advice: create a budget and look to see what falls into that. Portugal is not expensive at all compared to the US and UK but that is subjective.
Be aware that if you travel with luggage, public transport becomes a bit challenging. There are stairs and cobblestones everywhere.
Have Euros to pay for taxis/transport from airport. Most accept credit cards but your card may not work or they may tell you they don’t accept cards. They prefer cash. Airport taxi cost more.
Remember to always go back to the first step, breathe and stay calm.
You will figure it out, most likely not in every detail but it will all work out.

I had several unexpected things happen and many moments where I mumbled some expletives but overall I am very pleased and actually surprised at the wonderful choices I made.

Feel free to ask anything anytime. There are many people here who can chime in and help.
All the best.


Thanks. The problem is I have too many choices. I may have to miss Portugal because there are no sits.
I have a sit in UK and Madrid. Of course those were not my first choice. But I thought the rest will follow. So I made reservations US to UK. Then came Ukraine and all went through the roof.
I am trying to stay calm but worried about connections. So begins the saga of uncertainty. I thought life was supposed to get easier after retirement.
This was my gift to myself for years of work and saving. I can’t give up now. Maybe staying on course will work out. Thanks for the encouragement.
BTW: I am glad it all worked out for you.
Stay safe, Eva